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Canberra Alpine Club Branding Strategy 2022

The Committee is developing a branding strategy that leverages the history and changes within the club to bring it into the 21st century.

Changing branding with a well-established organisation is never easy, some may say you’re messing with something sacred, however the committee feels the new brand will represent your club to be more inclusive in activities that include, snowsports as well as summer activities.

Club members Jeremy Lucas and Gina Quadraccia are working on the development of the new brand, and this will be rolled out in 2 parts initially to include a new logo and website. This will later be followed by Skimail, Instagram and Facebook amongst others.

Current Logo

The current logo represents a skier; however, we are now a club that is more inclusive of winter and summer activities.

The letters CAC, although known to members, does not represent the club to the broader community.

New Logo

The new logo will provide a modern take of the club from its inception in 1934.

The new logo will accommodate multiple uses, such as the website, electronic newsletters, social media, T-shirts, building signage, letter heads, and banners etc.

The new logo concepts are being presented as 3 options, and members are now invited to vote on their preference in order of 1-3.

Click here to view the three options

Please send your vote and any feedback to branding@cac.org.au

Voting closes on Sunday 09 October.

Current website

The current website is outdated and sometimes hard to navigate, and in some cases lacking the functionality of more current websites.

New website

The new website will be developed after the logo. The aim is to provide more functionality and easier navigation for members and guests. Some of the key messaging will include,

  • about us
  • news and events
  • bookings
  • accommodation
  • activities
  • membership
  • club rules

Perisher Basement Redevelopment (Updated 22 August)

Draft plans have now been prepared showing possible layout options for the refurbished basement at the Perisher lodge.

Draft Layout 1 (added 21 June 2022)

Draft Layout 2 (added 21 June 2022)

Draft Layout 3 (added 4 July 2022)

Draft Layout 4A (added 7 August 2022)

Draft Layout 4B (added 7 August 2022)

Draft Layout 5A (added 22 August 2022)

Draft Layout 5B (added 22 August 2022)

These plans are also on display in both lodges. Feedback from members on the plans can be provided to president@cac.org.au or in person to members of the Capital Works sub-committee (Peter Cunningham, Amanda East, Chrissie Young, Lexie Phillips, Alan Booth and Caroline Walker).

The Capital Works sub-committee will also organise in person / virtual meetings to provide members with an opportunity to provide feedback – further details will be provided shortly.

We have a target date of end August 2022 for finalising the design. A tender process to select builders will follow the finalisation of the design with a view to commencing construction in October 2023.

COVID-19 UPDATE (15 JUl 2022)

Version 3.4 of the COVID-19 Management Plan is now available on the COVID-19 Essential Information page.

This version is a minor update to align with the changing health guidelines and Committee decisions.

Members should note the following changes:

  • All guests are strongly encouraged to take a test before traveling to the lodges and bring a sufficient supply of testing kits when staying at the lodges.
  • Bookings for unaccompanied guests no longer require Committee approval
  • Incoming guests for the next 3 days should be notified of a COVID-19 positive case
  • Where possible, bookings should be rearranged to allow a room occupied by the COVID-19 positive case to remain empty for 3 days

If you have any feedback on the Plan, please email president@cac.org.au.

2022 AGM and 2021 Annual Report

2022 AGM Notice – Agenda

The Club AGM will be held on Wednesday 23 March 2022, 7.30pm, at the Canberra Bridge Club.

There will also be a Zoom option – see agenda for details.

The following papers are provided to support discussion at the AGM

Youth Retention

Proposed Capital Works Program

Online Survey Results – Capital Works

The Annual Report and accompanying financial statements are available on the Our Club/Policies and Guidelines page, or directly from here:

2021 Annual Report

2021 Audited Financial Statements

Laura Peel Wins Freestyle Aerials Crystal Globe

Laura Peel, a member of the CAC since she was a little girl, has recently won the Freestyle Aerials Crystal Globe. Congratulations to Laura for her great achievement!

For more information, please see the recent Canberra Times article at the following link: https://www.canberratimes.com.au/story/6706163/in-isolation-with-the-worlds-best-aerial-skier/?fbclid=IwAR2-sClqGZcatvCcIjdHj88ezuUW6POWgTLcW9DXHK9xI4gJQqFxquMSh7A

Club Alpine/Snowboard Championship results

Due to snow conditions, the Club Championships were run on Front Valley instead of Mother-In-Law – while the course was generally considered fairly straight-forward, this seemed to encourage racers to go for broke and there was the occasional stack.

Congratulations to our Champions!

Open Men’s Alpine – Tom Kenyon

Open Women’s Alpine – Lauren Wilson-Bygrave

Open Men’s Snowboard – Valentino Guseli

Open Women’s Snowboard – Nina Lange

Junior Boys’ Alpine – Andrew Kerr

Junior Girls’ Alpine – Caitlin Wilson-Bygrave

Junior Boys’ Snowboard – Valentino Guseli

Junior Girls’ Snowboard – Ali Guseli

Full results are on the race results page