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COVID-19 UPDATE (25 Jun 2021)

Version 2.0 of the COVID-19 Management is now available. The key changes in this version are:

  • The COVID-19 Acknowledgement will need to be signed once per calendar year, and will cover all bookings for that calendar year
  • Lodge Party Leaders are to promote awareness of the COVID-19 Management Plan, and to encourage all members and guests to follow this Plan. However, the responsibility for meeting their obligations under this Plan lies with each member, and through them to their guests.
  • Both Jindabyne and Perisher lodges now have COVID Safe QR codes in place, to allow scanning by the Service NSW app (which is the NSW equivalent of the Check In CBR app). If you haven’t already, please download this app before your next trip, and use it to check in (and out) of the lodges.
  • Members and guests are reminded that they should not visit a Club Lodge if they been in the location of a COVID-19 community outbreak (hotspot) in the two (2) weeks prior to their visit to the lodge.
  • The Southern NSW Local Health District helpline number has been updated, and is now 1800 318 248.
  • Shared bathrooms are no longer associated with specific rooms.
  • Check-in time has been returned to the standard time of 2pm, with the ability to temporarily (i.e. for collection later that day) store luggage on the shelving in the entry corridor outside Rooms 1-6 (Perisher) or under the stairs in the Ground Floor Lounge Room (Jindabyne).

You can find the complete Plan, together with a Summary on the CAC Website on the COVID-19 Essential Information ( page. The Plan will continue to be updated as new advice is received and government regulations change. To receive notifications of updates, we strongly recommend subscribing to Skimail (please email if you do not currently receive this). Alternatively, please join the CAC – Canberra Alpine Club Facebook group.

If you have any feedback on the Plan, please email