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Presidents Update (21 Aug)

It’s amazing to think that in a normal year, we’d already be halfway through the season.  But this is no normal year, and the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions continue to impact life across Australia and the world. Thankfully we have not had any COVID-19 incidents at Jindabyne or Perisher, and I hope that all our members, along with their families and friends, continue to stay safe and healthy.

Since re-opening on 22nd June, it is great to see that both lodges have received good usage. While we are operating at reduced capacity, we have also seen a drop in demand, no doubt a result of both the operational changes (e.g. limits on ticket sales, border closures) and the limited snowfall we have received so far this season. I would like to thank all our members who have supported the club during this period, as the money we receive from these bookings is essential to maintaining the financial health of the club.  It is my hope that as the season progresses, we will see snow falling, along with the number of COVID-19 cases, and strong continued utilisation of the lodges.

Even with the knowledge that we have, and the preparations we have put in place, staying ahead of this virus is proving to be extremely difficult, and requires constant vigilance. We remind all members to continue to follow government advice in regard to social distancing, hygiene, testing and mask wearing.

We are continuing to make adjustments to the COVID-19 Management Plan, based on updated advice and feedback from members. We have published V1.2 of the Plan, with the following updates:

–        Shared food areas (e.g. no-mans-land, spice cupboard) are not available.

–        Check-in time for arrivals has been brought forward to 1pm (from 2pm) for both lodges. Use of the lodge by arriving guests before 1pm is not permitted without authorisation.

–        Check-out is 10am (unchanged) for departures. Use of the lodge by departing guests after 10am is not permitted without authorisation.

–        The downstairs ski room at Perisher (rather than shelves outside Rooms 1-6) can be used for temporary luggage storage (i.e. prior to check-in or after check-out) – provided that this area is accessed directly using the external door, and no other areas of the lodge are accessed.

–        Temporary luggage storage is not permitted at Jindabyne.

You can find the complete Plan, together with a Summary on the CAC Website on the COVID-19 Essential Information (http://www.cac.org.au/?p=1161) page. The Plan will continue to be updated as new advice is received and government regulations change. To receive notifications of updates, we strongly recommend subscribing to Skimail (please email cac.office@cac.org.au if you do not currently receive this). Alternatively, please join the CAC – Canberra Alpine Club Facebook group.

We rely on all Club Members to assist with the implementation of the COVID-19 Management Plan. While the emphasis is on personal responsibility, the Club has also asked Party Leaders and Lodge Managers to monitor behaviour and, if necessary, politely (but perhaps firmly) remind members and guests of their responsibilities. If you are aware of any behaviour that is not consistent with the Club’s By-laws or COVID-19 Management Plan, please notify the Admin Officer (cac.office@cac.org.au).

While it is easy to become complacent and think “it won’t happen here”, the situation in Victoria is a stark reminder of how quickly the situation can escalate. It is important for everyone that we continue to follow health guidelines, and maintain our COVID-19 Management Plan. Your continued support, encouragement and feedback are welcomed. And of course, if you need any assistance, please reach out to me on president@cac.org.au.

Laura Peel Wins Freestyle Aerials Crystal Globe

Laura Peel, a member of the CAC since she was a little girl, has recently won the Freestyle Aerials Crystal Globe. Congratulations to Laura for her great achievement!

For more information, please see the recent Canberra Times article at the following link: https://www.canberratimes.com.au/story/6706163/in-isolation-with-the-worlds-best-aerial-skier/?fbclid=IwAR2-sClqGZcatvCcIjdHj88ezuUW6POWgTLcW9DXHK9xI4gJQqFxquMSh7A

2019 Constitutional Changes – Ballot

The 2019 Annual General Meeting (AGM) passed a series of special resolutions to amend the Club’s Constitution.  These amendments cover four separate sets of changes:

  • Remove transitional clauses that are no longer relevant
  • Change the minimum Youth Membership age to 18
  • Allow removal of Life Members whom the Club has been unable to contact
  • Remove the concept of “leave” for Committee meetings

Constitutional changes, after being approved at the AGM, must be confirmed by a postal ballot of members in order to take effect.  Ballot papers have been posted to all members eligible to vote.  Please follow the instructions on the ballot paper to participate.

Completed ballot papers must be received by 5pm, Friday April 19 2019, to be included in the count.

If you have not received a ballot paper, or have made an error on your ballot paper and would like a new one, you can print one yourself – the link is below.

Also below is a link to information on the background to these changes. This information has been posted to eligible members with ballot papers.

If you have any queries about the ballot process, or the changes being proposed, please contact Jenny McLeod (email secretary@cac.org.au).

Click here for ballot paper (PDF format)

Click here for background information on the proposed changes

2017 Club Championships

Club Championships in XC, Alpine and Snowboard were held recently.

The XC Championships were held as part of the KAC Classic, from Perisher to Charlotte Pass, on Wednesday 9 August 2017. Unusually for the KAC, it was a beautiful day!

The Alpine and Snowboard Championships were held as part of the ACT Citizens Race, on Sunday 13 August 2017.

Results are on the Race Results page, with links to the full results for each race.

2017 Brumby Races results

The Brumby Races were held on Saturday 22nd July, on Upper Rollercoaster at Blue Cow.  Despite forecast wind, the day turned out to be really nice for weather.

The Brumby Races are held on a dual GS course.  Each racer had two timed runs – one on the red course, and one on the blue, racing next to another racer.

The timed runs are used to determine the winners of the Brumby Cup – but not directly.  A random draw of to match up the men and women was held at the Brumby Dinner on Saturday night, and results for that are given below the timed runs.

Racers also participated in the President’s Cup – a knockout, also using the dual GS course, held after the timed runs.  The winner of each pair progressed to the next round.

Results are on the Race Results page.

Peak Festival

The Perisher lodge was full on the Queen’s Birthday long weekend, with the Peak Festival providing a great range of music at venues around Perisher.

Hussy Hicks at the Marritz
Not much snow, but lots of people!
Peak Festival - Kathy getting a dance with Mikelangelo (of the Black Sea Gentlemen) at the Sundeck
Peak Festival - Lisa Couper with Bertie McMahon at the Sundeck


View from the top
Peak Festival - The Groove, playing at The Man
Peak Festival - Sally and George at the Sundeck
Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen - Sundeck packed out for the Peak Festival

Photos – Jenny McLeod and Teresa Harrington