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  • You need your Membership Number to log in.  If you don’t know what it is, then select Retrieve your Membership Number to have it sent to you.  If this doesn’t work (possibly because we don’t have your current email address) send an email to and we will sort it out.
  • When you first login to the system, please check your member details (Manage Account -> View My Details from the menu) to ensure they are correct – particularly your email address. This is where notifications, receipts etc. will be sent, and is also used if you receive Skimail and/or Frozen Acres electronically.
  • When making a booking, the term “guest” is a generic term for anyone staying as part of the booking.  You need to include everyone in your booking – including yourself, if you are staying!  For members, start typing their surname and then select the matching member name from the list (this will populate the other details). For non-members, type in their name and then select the relevant Guest Type (i.e. Adult, Junior, Preschool).
  • You will be emailed a reminder of your booking a few days beforehand with the current door code. Often a single stay will be broken into multiple separate bookings (for example if extra days were added, or if there is a change in who is staying), so your reminder may seem to be for only part of your stay.  To view all your existing bookings, select Manage a Booking -> View My Bookings from the menu
  • If a booking needs to be reviewed by the Admin Officer, it will be assigned a status of WAITLIST. This can be required even when the lodge is not full, as the available capacity may depend on the mix of bookings. The Admin Officer regularly reviews WAITLIST bookings, and when they can be approved, changes the status to TENTATIVE and triggers an email notification so the member knows that payment is required to confirm the booking.

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Making a Booking

Making a Payment

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