How To Join

Membership overview

Becoming a member of the Canberra Alpine Club is a three-stage process. The first step is to find two Club members who are willing to act as your sponsors. If you do not know any Club members, we can assist in arranging introductions. When you apply for membership, one-third of the total entrance fee is payable. When your application is accepted, you join our waiting list. The application form is available in .docx format, or in .pdf format. To advance to the next stage, you must gain points by attending Club activities. Once you have earned sufficient points, and when there are vacancies available, provisional membership may be offered and a further third of the entrance fee is payable. Provisional membership lasts for 6 to 12 months. During this time you can have a good look at the Club (and vice versa) and decide whether we are the sort of Club you really want to join. When you are offered full membership, the last instalment of the entrance fee is payable. Junior and Youth memberships are also available, with similar but not identical entry processes.

Information about Club membership

What members receive. Membership of a Canberra-based club that has been established for over 80 years and which reflects family and community values; priority of access to the Club’s two lodges; invitations to various social events, both in Canberra and at the snowfields; the opportunity to represent the Club in a variety of snowsports events; a copy of the newsletter Frozen Acres; and the right to sponsor new members, vote at general meetings and stand for office.

Who may apply. Any person 23 years or over may apply for Ordinary Membership. Young people aged 17 to 22 may apply for Youth Membership and children aged 5 to 16 may apply for Junior Membership.

The entry process. When the Committee has accepted your application, you join our Waiting List and are encouraged to participate in all Club activities. To progress to the next stage, Provisional Membership, you need to earn points through participation in Club activities (see accompanying schedule). Once you have accumulated sufficient points, you may be offered Provisional Membership, which is a transitional stage limited to 6 to 12 months (however note the section below on membership limits). The final stage is advancement to full membership with voting and nomination rights.

While on the Waiting List you may book accommodation for yourself (and one guest) at either of our lodges at guest prices. Bookings are subject to conditions, as set out in the Club’s by-laws. You are also welcome at social events (at member prices) and work parties. You are required to pay an annual subscription fee, which includes a subscription to our newsletter, Frozen Acres. The articles and news items in Frozen Acres ensure that you can be fully informed of the activities, policies and rules of the Club. While you are on the Waiting List, you can have a look at us (to make sure that we are the sort of Club you really want to join) and vice versa.

Provisional Membership. How long it takes to be offered Provisional Membership depends on how quickly you accumulate points, and whether there are available vacancies. Some people advance within months of nominating, while others wait years. Provisional Members pay the same annual subscription as full members. They also have the same rights and privileges as full members, except they cannot vote, hold office or nominate new members.

Full Membership. Provisional Membership allows both you and the Club to decide whether full membership is for you. After 6 to 12 months as a Provisional Member, the Committee will normally offer advancement to full membership. If you accept this offer, you will be required to pay the balance of the Entrance Fee. This represents a contribution to the capital of the Club and is not refundable. Membership of the Club is not transferable.

Membership limits. The Club’s Constitution allows up to 600 members in total. There is also a limit on membership offers to applicants residing outside the Canberra Region (more than 160k from the Canberra GPO), if more than one-third of the membership resides outside the region. Membership is close to these limits but not currently at either of them. If these limits are reached, an applicant may be admitted to the Waiting List but may not be offered membership until there is a vacancy (even if all other eligibility requirements have been met).

Costs. Please see the Membership Prices page for details of joining and subscription costs.


For people on the Waiting List

Advancement to Provisional Membership may be offered to Waiting List people who have attended at least two work parties and have accumulated at least 12 points according to the following schedule. Note that other factors, notably the number of available vacancies, will also be taken into consideration. Achievement of a sufficient number of points is not an automatic qualification for Provisional Membership.



Attendance at a scheduled work party 1 point
Genuine contribution to a work party 1 point per 1/2 day
Attendance at an emergency work party 2 points per 1/2 day
Assistance with Club work (eg. purchasing supplies, clerical work, washing, repairs) 1 point per 1/2 day in Canberra2 points per 1/2 day at a lodge
Assistance in running a Club event (eg. Junior events, social events, races) 1 point per day for attendance, plus1 point per 1/2 day for help
Representing the Club in a ski event (if invited to do so) 1 point per day for attendance, plus1 point per 1/2 day for participation
Participation in any Club event (eg. social events, general meetings, ski events, bushwalks) 1 point per day
Providing an item for Frozen Acres 1 point per article
Staying at either lodge 1/2 a point per night

If either of your sponsors accompany you at social events or work parties, bonus points will be awarded.

The points system ensures that people on the Waiting List become involved in Club activities and have the opportunity to meet a broad spectrum of members via work parties, social events, meetings and visits to the lodges. The system also enables Waiting List people to make a contribution to the management of the Club and the maintenance of its assets.

The objects of the system are to encourage participation in Club activities and to serve as a guide to the Committee in deciding who is to be offered advancement to Provisional Membership

Note: Juniors on the Waiting List are required to earn a lesser number of points to qualify for advancement to full Junior Membership.