All CAC trophy winners, including trophies no longer awarded.
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1938Uriarra CupR.V. Fyfe
1939Uriarra CupH. Ingram
1956Uriarra CupJ. Foweraker
1957Uriarra CupGeorge Haynod
1958Uriarra CupGeorge Haynod
1959Uriarra CupGeorge Haynod
1960Uriarra CupR.D. Haig
1961Uriarra CupHeinz Moosemuller
1962Uriarra CupOtto Pinkas
1964Uriarra CupKeith Storey
1965Uriarra CupKarl. Erett
1966Uriarra CupKeith Storey
1967Uriarra CupHal Dalheim
1968Uriarra CupHal Dalheim
1969Uriarra CupHal Dalheim
1970Uriarra CupHal Dalheim
1971Uriarra CupDavid. Gorman
1972Uriarra CupPeter Brent
1973Uriarra CupRon Brent
1974Uriarra CupMichael Edmonson
1984Uriarra CupStephen Bygrave
1957Ginini TrophyA. Raine
1958Ginini TrophyStan Goodhew
1959Ginini TrophyP. Munn
1960Ginini TrophyG. Liddicoat
1961Ginini TrophyA. Hall
1962Ginini TrophyJ. Clegg
1963Ginini TrophyR. Sykes
1964Ginini TrophyAlan Bagnall
1965Ginini TrophyP. Smith
1966Ginini TrophyB. Johnson
1968Ginini TrophyDavid Dowling
1969Ginini TrophyJohn Saunders
1970Ginini TrophyMichael Edmondson
1971Ginini TrophyD. Elvin
1976Ginini TrophyTrevor Knights
1984Ginini TrophyPeter Tilley
1938Annual Ski JumpR.V. Fyfe
1939Annual Ski JumpH. Ingram
1956Annual Ski JumpE. Baronowsky
1957Annual Ski JumpP. Rothlisberger
1958Annual Ski JumpZs. Berzsenyi
1959Annual Ski JumpB. Haig
1960Annual Ski JumpHal Dalheim
1961Annual Ski JumpO. Steinbacher
1962Annual Ski JumpO. Steinbacher
1963Annual Ski JumpOtto Pinkas
1964Annual Ski JumpKeith Storey
1965Annual Ski JumpDavid Prosser
1966Annual Ski JumpHal Dalheim
1967Annual Ski JumpHal Dalheim
1968Annual Ski JumpHal Dalheim
1969Annual Ski JumpHal Dalheim
1970Annual Ski JumpDavid May
1971Annual Ski JumpRon Brent
1972Annual Ski JumpRon Brent
1973Annual Ski JumpRon Brent
1974Annual Ski JumpRon Brent
1997Annual Ski JumpJim Miles
2000Annual Ski JumpBen Sim
2002Annual Ski JumpNick Beresford-Wylie
2001Annual Ski JumpBen Sim
2003Annual Ski JumpAndrew Circosta
2004Annual Ski JumpAndrew Circosta
2005Annual Ski JumpNick Beresford-Wylie
2007Annual Ski JumpAndrew Frain
2008Annual Ski JumpAndrew Frain
2009Annual Ski JumpAndrew Frain
2010Annual Ski JumpBen Sim
2011Annual Ski JumpBen Sim
2012Annual Ski JumpStephen Bygrave
2013Annual Ski JumpStephen Bygrave
2014Annual Ski JumpShawn Buttling
1934Ladies Downhill and Slalom ChampionshipH. Deane
1935Ladies Downhill and Slalom ChampionshipR. Prowse
1936Ladies Downhill and Slalom ChampionshipC. Lane Poole
1938Ladies Downhill and Slalom ChampionshipP. Tillyard
1939Ladies Downhill and Slalom ChampionshipH. Dunnicliff
1956Ladies Downhill and Slalom ChampionshipJ. Tanner
1957Ladies Downhill and Slalom ChampionshipJ. Tanner
1958Ladies Downhill and Slalom ChampionshipP. Bennett
1959Ladies Downhill and Slalom ChampionshipJ. Fowler
1960Ladies Downhill and Slalom ChampionshipB. Cross
1961Ladies Downhill and Slalom ChampionshipR. Brown
1962Ladies Downhill and Slalom ChampionshipShireen Hewson
1963Ladies Downhill and Slalom ChampionshipChristeen Newall
1964Ladies Downhill and Slalom ChampionshipLyn Chaffer
1965Ladies Downhill and Slalom ChampionshipS. Hewson
1966Ladies Downhill and Slalom ChampionshipLyn Chaffer / S. Holt
1968Ladies Downhill and Slalom ChampionshipBetty Pearson
1969Ladies Downhill and Slalom ChampionshipA. Hewson
1970Ladies Downhill and Slalom ChampionshipA. Stewart
1971Ladies Downhill and Slalom ChampionshipBetty Pearson
1972Ladies Downhill and Slalom ChampionshipJan Carter
1973Ladies Downhill and Slalom ChampionshipLiz Edmondson
1939Ally Nish Cup - Mens Open Slalom Downhill ChampionshipH. Ingram
1956Ally Nish Cup - Mens Open Slalom Downhill ChampionshipJan Gdowski
1957Ally Nish Cup - Mens Open Slalom Downhill ChampionshipG. J. Haynod
1958Ally Nish Cup - Mens Open Slalom Downhill ChampionshipP. Rothlisberger
1959Ally Nish Cup - Mens Open Slalom Downhill ChampionshipT. Raine
1960Ally Nish Cup - Mens Open Slalom Downhill ChampionshipG. J. Haynod
1961Ally Nish Cup - Mens Open Slalom Downhill ChampionshipKlaus Schiller
1962Ally Nish Cup - Mens Open Slalom Downhill ChampionshipR. Bradley
1963Ally Nish Cup - Mens Open Slalom Downhill ChampionshipJ Murphy
1964Ally Nish Cup - Mens Open Slalom Downhill ChampionshipK. Erett
1965Ally Nish Cup - Mens Open Slalom Downhill ChampionshipKlaus Schiller
1966Ally Nish Cup - Mens Open Slalom Downhill ChampionshipKlaus Schiller
1967Ally Nish Cup - Mens Open Slalom Downhill ChampionshipHal Dalheim
1968Ally Nish Cup - Mens Open Slalom Downhill ChampionshipPeter Dowling
1969Ally Nish Cup - Mens Open Slalom Downhill ChampionshipC. Hingee
1970Ally Nish Cup - Mens Open Slalom Downhill ChampionshipDavid Dowling
1971Ally Nish Cup - Mens Open Slalom Downhill ChampionshipRon Brent
1972Ally Nish Cup - Mens Open Slalom Downhill ChampionshipJohn Pitchford
1973Ally Nish Cup - Mens Open Slalom Downhill ChampionshipDavid Pitchford
1974Ally Nish Cup - Mens Open Slalom Downhill ChampionshipMichael Edmonson
1938Bendora CupC. Lane Poole
1939Bendora CupL. Brown
1956Bendora CupS. Williams
1957Bendora CupG. Pilz
1958Bendora CupL.M. Mckellar
1959Bendora CupJ. Fowler
1960Bendora CupP. Hiscox
1961Bendora CupP. Tiernan
1962Bendora CupA. Ducker
1963Bendora CupC. Newall
1964Bendora CupA. Holt
1965Bendora CupM. Cameron
1966Bendora CupD. Ingledew
1968Bendora CupA. Stewart
1969Bendora CupL. Prott
1970Bendora CupNorma Price
1971Bendora CupMary Gorman
1972Bendora CupLizbeth Edmondson
1976Bendora CupJ. Knights
1981Bendora CupM. Collins
1984Bendora CupH. Tilley
1935Smith CupR. Prowse
1936Smith CupC. Lane Poole
1938Smith CupH. Dunnicliff
1956Smith CupJ. Tanner
1957Smith CupJ. Tanner
1958Smith CupJ. Fowler
1959Smith CupJ. Fowler
1960Smith CupB. Cross
1961Smith CupP. Tiernan
1962Smith CupShireen Hewson
1963Smith CupChristina Newall
1964Smith CupLyn Chaffer
1965Smith CupC. Newall
1966Smith CupS. Holt
1968Smith CupBetty Pearson
1969Smith CupA. Hewson
1970Smith CupRosmary Luker
1971Smith CupMary Gorman
1972Smith CupMary Gorman
1973Smith CupLisbeth Edmondson
1974Smith CupMary Gorman
1960Ladies Slalom CupJ. Fowler
1961Ladies Slalom CupR. Brown
1962Ladies Slalom CupP. Tiernan
1963Ladies Slalom CupS. Hewson
1964Ladies Slalom CupL. Chaffer
1965Ladies Slalom CupA. Hewson
1966Ladies Slalom CupL. Chaffer
1967Ladies Slalom CupR. Luker
1968Ladies Slalom CupB. Pearson
1969Ladies Slalom CupA. Hewson
1970Ladies Slalom CupR. Luker
1971Ladies Slalom CupJ. Luker
1972Ladies Slalom CupJ. Luker
1973Ladies Slalom CupL. Edmondson
1974Ladies Slalom CupK. Saunders
1976Ladies Slalom CupK. Saunders
1984Ladies Slalom CupL. Bygrave
1986Ladies Slalom CupL. Bygrave
1987Ladies Slalom CupH. Tilley
1988Ladies Slalom CupF. Watson
1989Ladies Slalom CupH. Tilley
1990Ladies Slalom CupH. Tilley
1991Ladies Slalom CupF. Watson
1992Ladies Slalom CupH. Tilley
1993Ladies Slalom CupA. Frain
1994Ladies Slalom CupA. Frain
1995Ladies Slalom CupA. Frain
1996Ladies Slalom CupNatalie Woolacott
1997Ladies Slalom CupEmma Wilson
1998Ladies Slalom CupEmma Wilson
1999Ladies Slalom CupGeorgia Wislon
2000Ladies Slalom CupEmily Frain
2001Ladies Slalom CupEmma Wilson
2002Ladies Slalom CupEmily Frain
2003Ladies Slalom CupEmily Frain
2004Ladies Slalom CupEmily Frain
2005Ladies Slalom CupEmily Frain
2006Ladies Slalom CupShauna Rigby
2007Ladies Slalom CupShauna Rigby
2008Ladies Slalom CupShauna Rigby
2009Ladies Slalom CupShauna Rigby
2010Ladies Slalom CupShauna Rigby
2011Ladies Slalom CupBrigette Boast
2012Ladies Slalom CupLauren Wilson-Bygrave
2013Ladies Slalom CupCaitlin Wilson-Bygrave
2014Ladies Slalom CupLauren Wilson-Bygrave
2015Ladies Slalom CupLauren Wilson-Bygrave
1935Don Olbry Slalom CupH. Ingram at Kiandra
1936Don Olbry Slalom CupH. Ingram
1937Don Olbry Slalom CupH. Ingram
1938Don Olbry Slalom CupDoug Hyles
1939Don Olbry Slalom CupH. Ingram
1956Don Olbry Slalom CupH. Braun
1957Don Olbry Slalom CupG. J. Haynod
1958Don Olbry Slalom CupG. J. Haynod
1959Don Olbry Slalom CupG. J. Haynod
1960Don Olbry Slalom CupB.D. Haig
1961Don Olbry Slalom CupHeinz Moosemuller
1962Don Olbry Slalom CupOtto Pinkas
1963Don Olbry Slalom CupG. Bradley
1964Don Olbry Slalom CupKeith Storey
1965Don Olbry Slalom CupK. Erett
1966Don Olbry Slalom CupKlaus Schiller
1967Don Olbry Slalom CupPeter Dowling
1968Don Olbry Slalom CupPeter Dowling
1969Don Olbry Slalom CupM. Cobban
1970Don Olbry Slalom CupPeter Dowling
1971Don Olbry Slalom CupDavid Pitchford
1972Don Olbry Slalom CupJohn Pitchford
1973Don Olbry Slalom CupDavid Pitchford
1974Don Olbry Slalom CupRon Brent
1976Don Olbry Slalom CupPeter Saunders
1984Don Olbry Slalom CupStephen Bygrave
1986Don Olbry Slalom CupRohan Pitchford
1987Don Olbry Slalom CupRohan Pitchford
1988Don Olbry Slalom CupAndrew Cain
1989Don Olbry Slalom CupDavid Cain
1990Don Olbry Slalom CupAndrew Cain
1991Don Olbry Slalom CupDavid East
1992Don Olbry Slalom CupMichael East
1994Don Olbry Slalom CupDavid Cain
1995Don Olbry Slalom CupAdam Boling
1996Don Olbry Slalom CupPeter Pacers
1997Don Olbry Slalom CupRohan Pitchford
1998Don Olbry Slalom CupGuy Forsyth
1999Don Olbry Slalom CupAndrew Frain
2000Don Olbry Slalom CupAndrew Frain
2001Don Olbry Slalom CupNick Beresford-Wylie
2002Don Olbry Slalom CupNick Beresford-Wylie
2003Don Olbry Slalom CupNick Beresford-Wylie
2004Don Olbry Slalom CupNick Beresford-Wylie
2005Don Olbry Slalom CupAndrew Frain
2006Don Olbry Slalom CupAndrew Frain
2007Don Olbry Slalom CupDamien Russet
2008Don Olbry Slalom CupDamien Russet
2009Don Olbry Slalom CupDamien Russet
2010Don Olbry Slalom CupElliott Sutton
2011Don Olbry Slalom CupElliott Sutton
2012Don Olbry Slalom CupStephen Bygrave
2013Don Olbry Slalom CupStephen Bygrave
2014Don Olbry Slalom CupAngus Kenyon
2015Don Olbry Slalom CupTom Kenyon
1935Casey TrophyH. Ingram
1936Casey TrophyH. Ingram
1937Casey TrophyH. Ingram
1939Casey TrophyR. Prowse
1956Casey TrophyR. Bradley
1957Casey TrophyR. Bradley
1958Casey TrophyG. J. Haynod
1959Casey TrophyT. Raine
1960Casey TrophyV. Koskinen
1961Casey TrophyV. Koskinen
1962Casey TrophyV. Koskinen
1963Casey TrophyOtto Pinkas
1964Casey TrophyN. Clarke
1965Casey TrophyK. Erett
1966Casey TrophyHal Dalheim
1967Casey TrophyHal Dalheim
1968Casey TrophyHal Dalheim
1969Casey TrophyHal Dalheim
1970Casey TrophyHal Dalheim
1971Casey TrophyDavid Gorman
1972Casey TrophyDavid Elvin
1973Casey TrophyDavid Elvin
1974Casey TrophyMichael Edmondson
1984Casey TrophyLee Bygrave
1988Casey TrophyLee Bygrave
1989Casey TrophySimon Tilley
1990Casey TrophyPiers Greville
1991Casey TrophyPiers Greville
1992Casey TrophyRohan Pitchford
1993Casey TrophyPiers Greville
1995Casey TrophyTim Greville
1996Casey TrophyTim Greville
1997Casey TrophyJim Miles
1998Casey TrophyTim Greville
1999Casey TrophyTim Greville
2000Casey TrophyBen Sim
2001Casey TrophyBen Sim
2002Casey TrophyBen Sim
2003Casey TrophyBen Sim
2004Casey TrophyBen Sim
2005Casey TrophyBen Sim
2006Casey TrophyPeter Cunningham
2007Casey TrophyBen Sim
2008Casey TrophyRobert Eddy
2009Casey TrophyRobert Eddy
2010Casey TrophyBen Sim
2011Casey TrophyBen Sim
2012Casey TrophyPeter Cunningham
2013Casey TrophyTim Greville
2014Casey TrophyTim Greville
2015Casey TrophyTim Greville
1960Ladies Cross Country ChampionshipP. Tiernan
1961Ladies Cross Country ChampionshipR. Graves
1962Ladies Cross Country ChampionshipR. Brown
1964Ladies Cross Country ChampionshipA. Holt
1965Ladies Cross Country ChampionshipP. Tiernan
1966Ladies Cross Country ChampionshipLyn Chaffer
1967Ladies Cross Country ChampionshipN. Pratt
1968Ladies Cross Country ChampionshipM. Molijn
1969Ladies Cross Country ChampionshipLyn. Chaffer
1970Ladies Cross Country ChampionshipHeidi. Dalheim
1971Ladies Cross Country ChampionshipLyn. Chaffer
1972Ladies Cross Country ChampionshipLyn. Chaffer
1973Ladies Cross Country ChampionshipLyn. Chaffer
1974Ladies Cross Country ChampionshipP. Kilpinen
1984Ladies Cross Country ChampionshipLouise Bygrave
1988Ladies Cross Country ChampionshipRachel Storey
1989Ladies Cross Country ChampionshipKathy Saw
1990Ladies Cross Country ChampionshipRachel Storey
1991Ladies Cross Country ChampionshipRachel Storey
1992Ladies Cross Country ChampionshipEmily Cooper
1993Ladies Cross Country ChampionshipRachel Storey
1994Ladies Cross Country ChampionshipSally Moten
1995Ladies Cross Country ChampionshipSally Moten
1996Ladies Cross Country ChampionshipSally Moten
1997Ladies Cross Country ChampionshipAlena Sarri
1998Ladies Cross Country ChampionshipKatie Calder
1999Ladies Cross Country ChampionshipKatie Calder
2000Ladies Cross Country ChampionshipKatie Calder
2001Ladies Cross Country ChampionshipKatie Calder
2002Ladies Cross Country ChampionshipKatie Calder
2003Ladies Cross Country ChampionshipKatie Calder
2004Ladies Cross Country ChampionshipKatie Calder
2005Ladies Cross Country ChampionshipSally Cunningham
2006Ladies Cross Country ChampionshipKatie Calder
2007Ladies Cross Country ChampionshipSally Cunningham
2008Ladies Cross Country ChampionshipSally Cunningham
2009Ladies Cross Country ChampionshipSally Cunningham
2010Ladies Cross Country ChampionshipJenny McLeod
2011Ladies Cross Country ChampionshipJenny McLeod
2012Ladies Cross Country ChampionshipSue Attreed
2013Ladies Cross Country ChampionshipJenny McLeod
2014Ladies Cross Country ChampionshipDi Jay
2015Ladies Cross Country ChampionshipJenny McLeod
1970Haynod Trophy - BoysRon Brent
1971Haynod Trophy - BoysRon Brent
1972Haynod Trophy - BoysRon Brent
1973Haynod Trophy - BoysDavid Elvin
1974Haynod Trophy - BoysA. Powell
1975Haynod Trophy - BoysPeter Gorman
1976Haynod Trophy - BoysPeter Gorman
1977Haynod Trophy - BoysA. Pitchford
1978Haynod Trophy - BoysStephen Bygrave
1979Haynod Trophy - BoysRohan Pitchford
1980Haynod Trophy - BoysStephen Bygrave
1981Haynod Trophy - BoysStephen Bygrave
1983Haynod Trophy - BoysG. Mcleod
1984Haynod Trophy - BoysGareth Prosser
1970Haynod Trophy - GirlsHeidi Dalheim
1971Haynod Trophy - GirlsJenny Luker
1972Haynod Trophy - GirlsSusan Luker
1973Haynod Trophy - GirlsK. Saunders
1976Haynod Trophy - GirlsJillian Collins
1977Haynod Trophy - GirlsJillian Collins
1978Haynod Trophy - GirlsSally Powell
1979Haynod Trophy - GirlsMiranda Thompson
1980Haynod Trophy - GirlsRachael Storey
1981Haynod Trophy - GirlsLouise Bygrave
1983Haynod Trophy - GirlsLouise Bygrave
1984Haynod Trophy - GirlsLouise Bygrave
1985Haynod Trophy - GirlsLouise Bygrave
1980Father Daughter TrophyRichard Thompson Miranda Thompson
1981Father Daughter TrophyFyfe Bygrave/Louise Bygrave
1995Father Daughter TrophyLeon Down/Katie Down
1997Father Daughter TrophyConor McNamara/Trea McNamara
1998Father Daughter TrophyJim Wilson/Emma Wilson
2000Father Daughter TrophyJim Wilson/Georgia Wilson
2001Father Daughter TrophyLeon Down/Katie Down
2002Father Daughter TrophyColin Rigby/Shauna Rigby
2003Father Daughter TrophyRob Molino/Collette Molino
2004Father Daughter TrophyTony Bolt/Alice Bolt
2005Father Daughter TrophyTony Bolt/Alice Bolt
2006Father Daughter TrophyDoug Boast/Brigette Boast
2007Father Daughter TrophyDoug Boast/Brigette Boast
2008Father Daughter TrophyDoug Boast/Brigette Boast
2009Father Daughter TrophyMark King/Jess King
2010Father Daughter TrophyDoug Boast/Brigette Boast
2011Father Daughter TrophyStephen Bygrave/Lauren Wilson-Bygrave
2012Father Daughter TrophyStephen Bygrave/Caitlin Wilson-Bygrave
2013Father Daughter TrophyStephen Bygrave/Lauren Wilson-Bygrave
2014Father Daughter TrophyStephen Bygrave/Lauren Wilson-Bygrave
1997Parent Child TrophyAmanda Frain/Andrew Frain
1998Parent Child TrophyAmanda Frain/Emily Frain
2000Parent Child TrophyAmanda Frain/Andrew Frain
2001Parent Child TrophyAmanda Frain/Andrew Frain
2002Parent Child TrophyAmanda East/Emily Frain
2003Parent Child TrophyJane Halton/Morgan Sutton
2004Parent Child TrophyAndrew McIntyre/Tim McIntyre
2005Parent Child TrophyMartine Russet/Damien Russet
2006Parent Child TrophyAmanda East/Andrew Frain
2007Parent Child TrophyAmanda East/Andrew Frain
2008Parent Child TrophyLinda Rigby/Shauna Rigby
2009Parent Child TrophyAmanda East/Andrew Frain
2010Parent Child TrophyLinda Rigby/Shauna Rigby
2011Parent Child TrophyDoug Boast/Brigette Boast
2012Parent Child TrophyStephen Bygrave/Lauren Wilson-Bygrave
2013Parent Child TrophyStephen Bygrave/Caitlin Wilson-Bygrave
2014Parent Child TrophyStephen Bygrave/Caitlin Wilson-Bygrave
2015Parent Child TrophyStephen Bygrave/Lauren Wilson-Bygrave
1953Brumby CupP Field/H Braun
1954Brumby CupDora Gdowski/John Gdowski
1956Brumby CupJ Tanner/J Ford
1957Brumby CupJ Tanner/H Ingram
1958Brumby CupD. Piggin/Mel Pratt
1959Brumby CupP Kellar/Frank Cook
1960Brumby CupSue Powell/Bruce Bray
1961Brumby CupJ. Fowler/W Schiller
1962Brumby CupJ. Macgorm/R Bradley & M Jensen/D Richie
1963Brumby CupMary Baronowsky/John Cotter
1964Brumby CupLyn Chaffer/Klaus Schiller
1965Brumby CupS Hewson/K Erett
1966Brumby CupSue Edmondson/W Gardiner
1967Brumby CupMargaret Dalheim/R Hewson
1968Brumby CupS Hewson/Frank Gibson
1969Brumby CupRosemary Luker/Stan Goodhew
1970Brumby CupJ Duncan/Ron Brent
1971Brumby CupMary Gorman/R Keith
1972Brumby CupJenny Luker/David Dowling
1973Brumby CupSusan Luker/Ron Brent
1974Brumby CupSally Powell/Peter Brent
1975Brumby CupLyn Chaffer/Dick Thompson
1976Brumby CupJill Collins/Dick Thompson
1978Brumby CupFiona Mentz/Peter Brent
1979Brumby CupB Woolmore/Lee Bygrave
1980Brumby CupL Langman/Stephen Bygrave
1981Brumby CupLouise Bygrave/Louise Bygrave
1984Brumby CupFiona Mentz/John Tilley
1985Brumby CupLiz Clunane/David East
1986Brumby CupFiona Watson/P Mahon
1987Brumby CupFiona Watson/J Northrop
1989Brumby CupJ Maybury/S Maybury
1990Brumby CupJenny McLeod/Michael East
1991Brumby CupLyndall Hatch/Michael East
1992Brumby CupFiona Watson/Mark Gibson
1995Brumby CupEmily Frain/Tiernan McNamara
1996Brumby CupEmily Frain/Adam Boling
1997Brumby CupAmanda Frain/Conor McNamara
1998Brumby CupGeorgia Wilson/Guy Forsyth
2000Brumby CupMiranda Thompson/Morgan Sutton
2001Brumby CupPieta Herring/Andrew Frain
2002Brumby CupAmanda East/Stephen Peel
2003Brumby CupPieta Herring/Nick Beresford-Wylie
2004Brumby CupSue Womersley/Andrew McIntyre
2005Brumby CupMartine Russet/Damien Russet
2006Brumby CupBrigette Boast/Andrew Frain
2007Brumby CupBrigette Boast/Tim McIntyre
2008Brumby CupShauna Rigby/Andrew McIntyre
2009Brumby CupJenny McLeod/Jeremy Lucas
2010Brumby CupShauna Rigby/Peter Murphy
2011Brumby CupAmanda East/Lindsay Kenyon
2012Brumby CupBrigette Boast/Peter Murphy
2013Brumby CupStephen Bygrave/Caitlin Wilson-Bygrave
2014Brumby CupStephen Bygrave/Caitlin Wilson-Bygrave
2015Brumby CupPeter Veenstra/Lauren Wilson-Bygrave
1962Novice Cup - Mens SlalomMark Burfield
1963Novice Cup - Mens SlalomGresham Bradley
1964Novice Cup - Mens SlalomD. Bennett
1965Novice Cup - Mens SlalomR. Hewson
1966Novice Cup - Mens SlalomMalcolm Stewart
1968Novice Cup - Mens SlalomRic Hingee
1971Novice Cup - Mens SlalomS. Pitchford
1984Novice Cup - Mens SlalomDon Mentz
1998Novice Cup - Mens SlalomLewis DeLorenzo/Elliott Sutton
2001Novice Cup - Mens SlalomTony Bolt
2002Novice Cup - Mens SlalomColin Rigby
2003Novice Cup - Mens SlalomMichael Foster
2004Novice Cup - Mens SlalomJohn Sanders
2005Novice Cup - Mens SlalomBrett Abraham
2006Novice Cup - Mens SlalomRic Guseli
2007Novice Cup - Mens SlalomNick Banbury
2008Novice Cup - Mens SlalomJeremy Lucas
2009Novice Cup - Mens SlalomPeter Murphy
2010Novice Cup - Mens Slalom
1962Novice Cup - Ladies SlalomAdrian Hewson
1963Novice Cup - Ladies SlalomRobin Knights
1964Novice Cup - Ladies SlalomMarie Jenson
1965Novice Cup - Ladies SlalomM. Cullen
1966Novice Cup - Ladies SlalomRosemary Luker
1968Novice Cup - Ladies SlalomA. Stewart
1969Novice Cup - Ladies SlalomL. Prott
1971Novice Cup - Ladies SlalomSusan Luker
1972Novice Cup - Ladies SlalomLindy Bray
1984Novice Cup - Ladies SlalomM. Mentz
1997Novice Cup - Ladies SlalomClaire Boast
1998Novice Cup - Ladies SlalomNicole Delorenzo
2000Novice Cup - Ladies SlalomAnita Delorenzo
2001Novice Cup - Ladies SlalomAlice Bolt/Georgia Herring
2002Novice Cup - Ladies SlalomLinda Rigby
2003Novice Cup - Ladies SlalomSarah Bolt
2004Novice Cup - Ladies SlalomRosemary Spry
2005Novice Cup - Ladies SlalomShirley-Anne Brandon
2006Novice Cup - Ladies SlalomDenelda Bolt
2007Novice Cup - Ladies SlalomAnne Campbell
2008Novice Cup - Ladies SlalomMadison East
2009Novice Cup - Ladies SlalomDeborah Oswald
2010Novice Cup - Ladies Slalom
1960Novice Cup - Mens GSGeoff Davies
1961Novice Cup - Mens GSA. Hall
1962Novice Cup - Mens GSPeter Dowling
1963Novice Cup - Mens GSJohn Murphy
1964Novice Cup - Mens GSDavid Bennett
1965Novice Cup - Mens GSPeter Carter
1966Novice Cup - Mens GSMalcolm Stewart
1968Novice Cup - Mens GSPeter Brent
1969Novice Cup - Mens GSJ. Concz
1971Novice Cup - Mens GSMichael Potts
1981Novice Cup - Mens GSR. Finlayson
1995Novice Cup - Mens GSS. Gillett
1999Novice Cup - Mens GSB. Lowe
2000Novice Cup - Mens GSB. Peel
2001Novice Cup - Mens GSA. Baker
2002Novice Cup - Mens GSB. Herring
2003Novice Cup - Mens GSSol Foster
2004Novice Cup - Mens GSDeclan East
2005Novice Cup - Mens GSJulian Abraham
2006Novice Cup - Mens GSSteve Smith
2007Novice Cup - Mens GSTom Agnew
2008Novice Cup - Mens GSDean Lange
2009Novice Cup - Mens GSRob Hemphill
2010Novice Cup - Mens GSPaddy Hodgman
2011Novice Cup - Mens GSHamish Hardy
2012Novice Cup - Mens GSJack Egan
2013Novice Cup - Mens GSWilliam Brake
2014Novice Cup - Mens GSMatt O'Donnell
2015Novice Cup - Mens GSKieran Savery
1960Novice Cup - Ladies GSJ. Castlehow
1961Novice Cup - Ladies GSHelen Dowling
1962Novice Cup - Ladies GSShireen Hewson
1963Novice Cup - Ladies GSRobin Knights
1964Novice Cup - Ladies GSA. Holt
1965Novice Cup - Ladies GSM. Cullen
1966Novice Cup - Ladies GSD. Ingledew
1968Novice Cup - Ladies GSAnne Stewart
1970Novice Cup - Ladies GSNorma Price
1971Novice Cup - Ladies GSSusan Luker
1972Novice Cup - Ladies GST. Reilly
1974Novice Cup - Ladies GSJeannette Knights
1981Novice Cup - Ladies GSSusan Prosser
1995Novice Cup - Ladies GSJudy Richards
1997Novice Cup - Ladies GSBridgette Boast
2002Novice Cup - Ladies GSShauna Rigby
2003Novice Cup - Ladies GSDeb Foster
2004Novice Cup - Ladies GSSophie Spry
2005Novice Cup - Ladies GSAnne-Marie Wilson
2006Novice Cup - Ladies GSMichelle Smith
2007Novice Cup - Ladies GSGrace Blake
2008Novice Cup - Ladies GSNina Lange
2009Novice Cup - Ladies GSChristine Hemphill
2010Novice Cup - Ladies GSJane Jones
2011Novice Cup - Ladies GSKristen Guseli
2012Novice Cup - Ladies GSAshley Emmerson
2013Novice Cup - Ladies GSAli Guseli
2014Novice Cup - Ladies GSJill Hall
2015Novice Cup - Ladies GSZoe Veenstra
1998Novice Cup - BoysLouis DeLorenzo
2000Novice Cup - BoysChristopher Hingee
1966Wombat CupKlaus Schiller
1968Wombat CupKeith Storey
1969Wombat CupR. Hewson
1970Wombat CupDavid May
1971Wombat CupDavid Dowling
1972Wombat CupRon Brent
1973Wombat CupRon Brent
1974Wombat CupGeoff Miller
1977Wombat CupStephen Bygrave
1978Wombat CupStephen Bygrave
1979Wombat CupL. Bygrave
1980Wombat CupJohn Tilley
2000Wombat CupR. Sanders
2002Wombat CupAndrew Saw
2003Wombat CupAngus Kenyon
2004Wombat CupDamien Russet
2005Wombat CupJohn Sanders
2006Wombat CupByron Herring
2007Wombat CupElliott Sutton
2008Wombat CupDeclan East
2009Wombat CupJeremy Lucas
2010Wombat CupLindsay Kenyon
2011Wombat CupTom Agnew
2012Wombat CupValentino Guseli
2013Wombat CupDuncan Ledger
2014Wombat CupJoachim Schoen
2015Wombat CupJet Lange
1963Wombat Cup - LadiesC. Hewson
1964Wombat Cup - LadiesA. Holt
1979Wombat Cup - LadiesJeannette Knight
1980Wombat Cup - LadiesLouise Bygrave
1997Wombat Cup - LadiesRobin Gibson
1998Wombat Cup - LadiesSandra Ferguson
2000Wombat Cup - LadiesMargaret McCauley
2001Wombat Cup - LadiesAnnette Dean
2002Wombat Cup - LadiesMartine Russet
2003Wombat Cup - LadiesAlice Bolt
2004Wombat Cup - LadiesAnnabel Spry
2005Wombat Cup - LadiesBrigette Boast
2006Wombat Cup - LadiesAriel Ivanovici
2007Wombat Cup - LadiesOlivia McNamara
2008Wombat Cup - LadiesShirley-Anne McIntyre
2009Wombat Cup - LadiesFran Sanders
2011Wombat Cup - LadiesLauren Wilson-Bygrave
2012Wombat Cup - LadiesLara Agnew
2013Wombat Cup - LadiesNicola Agnew
2014Wombat Cup - LadiesSybilla Elvin
2015Wombat Cup - LadiesAli Guseli
1997Social Sliders CupDominic Peel
1998Social Sliders CupMark Mylek
2000Social Sliders CupMark Mylek
2001Social Sliders CupMark Mylek
2003Social Sliders CupDan Stone
2004Social Sliders CupDan Stone
2005Social Sliders CupChris McIntyre
2007Social Sliders CupChris McIntyre
2015Social Sliders CupJon Wilson
2000Social Gliders CupMylinda Mylek
2002Social Gliders CupLaura Peel
2006Social Gliders CupGina Quadraccia
2007Social Gliders CupMichelle Smith
2009Social Gliders CupMichelle Smith
2015Social Gliders CupOlivia Beatty
1998Wilson TrophyDaniel Stone
2000Wilson TrophyDaniel Stone
2001Wilson TrophyStephen Peel
2004Wilson TrophyChris McIntyre
2005Wilson TrophyChris McIntyre
2006Wilson TrophyRichard Sanders
2007Wilson TrophyChris McIntyre
2008Wilson TrophyDean Lange
2010Wilson TrophyRic Guseli
2011Wilson TrophyRic Guseli
2012Wilson TrophyRic Guseli
2013Wilson TrophyRic Guseli
2014Wilson TrophyRic Guseli
2015Wilson TrophyValentino Guseli
2000Collins CupLaura Peel
2001Collins CupLaura Peel
2002Collins CupLaura Peel
2007Collins CupMichelle Smith
2008Collins CupNina Lange
2011Collins CupKristen Guseli
2012Collins CupKristen Guseli
2013Collins CupKristen Guseli
2014Collins CupNina Lange
2015Collins CupNina Lange
2000Veterans Cup - MensHal Hatch
2001Veterans Cup - MensJohn Tilley
2002Veterans Cup - MensStan McDonald
2003Veterans Cup - MensJohn Tilley
2004Veterans Cup - MensStan McDonald
2005Veterans Cup - MensHal Hatch
2007Veterans Cup - MensTed Cain
2008Veterans Cup - MensFil Giles
2009Veterans Cup - MensMatt Kelso
2010Veterans Cup - MensPeter Cunningham
2011Veterans Cup - MensPeter Cunningham
2012Veterans Cup - MensPeter Cunningham
2013Veterans Cup - MensTony Bolt
2014Veterans Cup - MensBob Hooton
2015Veterans Cup - MensSteve Smith
2000Veterans Cup - LadiesLyndall Hatch
2001Veterans Cup - LadiesJudy Lejins
2002Veterans Cup - LadiesLyndall Hatch
2003Veterans Cup - LadiesJudy Lejins
2004Veterans Cup - LadiesJanette McDonald
2005Veterans Cup - LadiesLyndall Hatch
2006Veterans Cup - LadiesLyndall Hatch
2007Veterans Cup - LadiesAngela Ivanovici
2008Veterans Cup - LadiesLyndall Hatch
2009Veterans Cup - LadiesLynette Johns-Boast
2010Veterans Cup - LadiesLyndall Hatch
2011Veterans Cup - LadiesLynette Johns-Boast
2012Veterans Cup - LadiesKathy Saw
2013Veterans Cup - LadiesNot awarded
2014Veterans Cup - LadiesDi Jay
2015Veterans Cup - LadiesSybilla Elvin
1935President's Cup - MensH. Wilson
1936President's Cup - MensH. Wilson
1937President's Cup - MensR.V. Fyfe
1938President's Cup - MensDoug Hyles
1939President's Cup - MensH. Ingram
1960President's Cup - MensBrian Haig
1961President's Cup - MensKeith Storey
1962President's Cup - MensR. Bradley
1963President's Cup - MensE. Baronowsky
1964President's Cup - MensK. Erett
1965President's Cup - MensKlaus Schiller
1966President's Cup - MensPat Edmondson
1967President's Cup - MensMichael Brent
1968President's Cup - MensR. Hewson
1969President's Cup - MensPeter Dowling
1970President's Cup - MensM. Cobban
1971President's Cup - MensDavid Dowling
1972President's Cup - MensRon Brent
1973President's Cup - MensRon. Brent
1974President's Cup - MensJohn Tilley
1975President's Cup - MensJohnTilley
1976President's Cup - MensM. Storey
1977President's Cup - MensStephen Bygrave
1978President's Cup - MensTrevor Knights
1979President's Cup - MensLee Bygrave
1980President's Cup - MensJohn Tilley
1981President's Cup - MensStephen Bygrave
1985President's Cup - MensDavid East
1986President's Cup - MensRohan Pitchford
1987President's Cup - MensAndrew Cain
1989President's Cup - MensStephen Maybury
1990President's Cup - MensMichael East
1991President's Cup - MensMichael East
1992President's Cup - MensRod Horne
1995President's Cup - MensAdam Boling
1996President's Cup - MensAdam Boling
1997President's Cup - MensGuy Forsyth
1998President's Cup - MensAndrew Frain
2000President's Cup - MensJim Wilson
2001President's Cup - MensAndrew Frain
2002President's Cup - MensStephen Peel
2003President's Cup - MensNick Beresford-Wylie
2004President's Cup - MensTim McIntyre
2005President's Cup - MensTim McIntyre
2006President's Cup - MensAndrew Frain
2007President's Cup - MensTim McIntyre
2008President's Cup - MensAndrew Frain
2009President's Cup - MensAndrew Frain
2010President's Cup - MensElliott Sutton
2011President's Cup - MensStephen Bygrave
2012President's Cup - MensStephen Bygrave
2013President's Cup - MensStephen Bygrave
2014President's Cup - MensStephen Bygrave
2015President's Cup - MensStephen Bygrave
1970President's Cup - LadiesJ. Duncan
1971President's Cup - LadiesMary Gorman
1972President's Cup - LadiesMary Gorman
1973President's Cup - LadiesJenny Luker
1974President's Cup - LadiesBetty Pearson
1975President's Cup - LadiesLyn Chaffer
1976President's Cup - LadiesJillian Collins
1977President's Cup - LadiesMary Mentz
1978President's Cup - LadiesElizabeth Stenhouse
1979President's Cup - LadiesJ. Knights
1980President's Cup - LadiesLaurel Pascall
1981President's Cup - LadiesFiona Bray
1985President's Cup - LadiesJ. Kearns
1986President's Cup - LadiesFiona Watson
1987President's Cup - LadiesFiona Watson
1989President's Cup - LadiesJ. Maybury
1990President's Cup - LadiesJ. Maybury
1991President's Cup - LadiesFiona Watson
1992President's Cup - LadiesFiona Watson
1995President's Cup - LadiesAmanda Frain
1996President's Cup - LadiesAmanda Frain
1997President's Cup - LadiesAmanda Frain
1998President's Cup - LadiesEmma Wilson
2000President's Cup - LadiesGeorgia Wilson
2001President's Cup - LadiesEmily Frain
2002President's Cup - LadiesLaura Peel
2003President's Cup - LadiesCollette Molino
2004President's Cup - LadiesPieta Herring
2005President's Cup - LadiesAlice Bolt
2006President's Cup - LadiesPieta Herring
2007President's Cup - LadiesShauna Rigby
2008President's Cup - LadiesShauna Rigby
2009President's Cup - LadiesEmily Frain
2010President's Cup - LadiesShauna Rigby
2011President's Cup - LadiesLauren Wilson-Bygrave
2012President's Cup - LadiesLauren Wilson-Bygrave
2013President's Cup - LadiesLauren Wilson-Bygrave
2014President's Cup - LadiesLauren Wilson-Bygrave
2015President's Cup - LadiesLauren Wilson-Bygrave
1964Dalheim Trophy - BoysMark Burfield
1965Dalheim Trophy - BoysTren Burfield
1966Dalheim Trophy - BoysR. Hewson
1967Dalheim Trophy - BoysDavid Gorman
1968Dalheim Trophy - BoysDavid Gorman
1969Dalheim Trophy - BoysHal Dalheim
1970Dalheim Trophy - BoysRon Brent
1971Dalheim Trophy - BoysDavid Elvin
1972Dalheim Trophy - BoysDavid Elvin
1973Dalheim Trophy - BoysDavid Elvin
1974Dalheim Trophy - BoysTim Edmonson
1975Dalheim Trophy - BoysTim Edmonson
1976Dalheim Trophy - BoysPeter Gorman
1977Dalheim Trophy - BoysA. Pitchford
1978Dalheim Trophy - BoysRohan Pitchford
1979Dalheim Trophy - BoysRohan Pitchford
1980Dalheim Trophy - BoysLee Bygrave
1981Dalheim Trophy - BoysStephen Bygrave
1983Dalheim Trophy - BoysGraeme McLeod
1984Dalheim Trophy - BoysGareth Prosser
1988Dalheim Trophy - BoysPiers Greville
1989Dalheim Trophy - BoysPiers Greville
1990Dalheim Trophy - BoysMark Gibson
1991Dalheim Trophy - BoysDavid Greber
1992Dalheim Trophy - BoysTom Horniblow
1993Dalheim Trophy - BoysTom Horniblow
1995Dalheim Trophy - BoysJim Miles
1996Dalheim Trophy - BoysAndrew Frain
1997Dalheim Trophy - BoysScott Cunningham
1998Dalheim Trophy - BoysD. Sarri
1999Dalheim Trophy - BoysScott Cunningham
2000Dalheim Trophy - BoysScott Cunningham
2001Dalheim Trophy - BoysBen Sim
2002Dalheim Trophy - BoysBen Sim
2015Dalheim Trophy - BoysAlec Bell
1964Dalheim Trophy - GirlsMarguerite Wilson
1965Dalheim Trophy - GirlsAdrienne Hewson
1966Dalheim Trophy - GirlsMary Gorman
1967Dalheim Trophy - GirlsS Gardner
1968Dalheim Trophy - GirlsHeidi Dalheim
1969Dalheim Trophy - GirlsHeidi Dalheim
1970Dalheim Trophy - GirlsHeidi Dalheim
1971Dalheim Trophy - GirlsSarah Dalheim
1972Dalheim Trophy - GirlsJ. Gardner
1973Dalheim Trophy - GirlsK. Saunders
1976Dalheim Trophy - GirlsRachel Storey
1977Dalheim Trophy - GirlsRachel Storey
1978Dalheim Trophy - GirlsSarah Collins
1979Dalheim Trophy - GirlsJillian Collins
1980Dalheim Trophy - GirlsRachel Storey
1981Dalheim Trophy - GirlsJenny Mcleod
1983Dalheim Trophy - GirlsJenny Mcleod
1984Dalheim Trophy - GirlsLouise Bygrave
1985Dalheim Trophy - GirlsLouise Bygrave
1990Dalheim Trophy - GirlsVanessa Tamblyn
1992Dalheim Trophy - GirlsEmily Cooper
1993Dalheim Trophy - GirlsG. Hoy
1996Dalheim Trophy - GirlsKatie Calder
1997Dalheim Trophy - GirlsSally Cunningham
1998Dalheim Trophy - GirlsSally Cunningham
1999Dalheim Trophy - GirlsSally Cunningham
2000Dalheim Trophy - GirlsSally Cunningham
2001Dalheim Trophy - GirlsSally Cunningham
2002Dalheim Trophy - GirlsSally Cunningham
2003Dalheim Trophy - GirlsLee Bottom
2004Dalheim Trophy - GirlsBridgette Cunningham
2005Dalheim Trophy - GirlsBridgette Cunningham
2006Dalheim Trophy - GirlsBridgette Cunningham
2007Dalheim Trophy - GirlsBridgette Cunningham
2008Dalheim Trophy - GirlsBridgette Cunningham
2009Dalheim Trophy - GirlsBridgette Cunningham
2010Dalheim Trophy - GirlsBridgette Cunningham
2011Dalheim Trophy - GirlsBridgette Cunningham
1963Hewson Trophy - BoysMark Burfied
1964Hewson Trophy - BoysRobert Chapman
1965Hewson Trophy - BoysPeter Dowling
1966Hewson Trophy - BoysMark Burfield
1967Hewson Trophy - BoysMichael Edmonson
1968Hewson Trophy - BoysRon Brent
1969Hewson Trophy - BoysR. Hewson
1970Hewson Trophy - BoysRon Brent
1971Hewson Trophy - BoysRon Brent
1972Hewson Trophy - BoysRon Brent
1973Hewson Trophy - BoysDavid Pitchford
1974Hewson Trophy - BoysPeter Gorman
1975Hewson Trophy - BoysPeter Gorman
1976Hewson Trophy - BoysPeter Gorman
1977Hewson Trophy - BoysRohan Pitchford
1978Hewson Trophy - BoysStephen Bygrave
1979Hewson Trophy - BoysRohan Pitchford
1980Hewson Trophy - BoysStephen Bygrave
1981Hewson Trophy - BoysStephen Bygrave
1983Hewson Trophy - BoysAndrew Cain
1984Hewson Trophy - BoysGareth Prosser & M. Flood
1985Hewson Trophy - BoysAngus White
1986Hewson Trophy - BoysJustin White
1987Hewson Trophy - BoysAndrew Cain
1988Hewson Trophy - BoysAndrew Cain
1989Hewson Trophy - BoysDavid Cain
1990Hewson Trophy - BoysS. Lamont
1991Hewson Trophy - BoysDavid Cain
1994Hewson Trophy - BoysMark Gibson
1996Hewson Trophy - BoysAndrew Frain
1997Hewson Trophy - BoysAndrew Frain
1998Hewson Trophy - BoysAndrew Frain
1999Hewson Trophy - BoysAndrew Frain
2000Hewson Trophy - BoysNick Beresford-Wylie
2001Hewson Trophy - BoysNick Beresford-Wylie
2002Hewson Trophy - BoysNick Beresford-Wylie
2003Hewson Trophy - BoysStephen Peel
2004Hewson Trophy - BoysTim McIntyre
2005Hewson Trophy - BoysTim McIntyre
2006Hewson Trophy - BoysDamien Russet
2007Hewson Trophy - BoysDamien Russet
2008Hewson Trophy - BoysDamien Russet
2009Hewson Trophy - BoysDamien Russet
2010Hewson Trophy - BoysElliott Sutton
2011Hewson Trophy - BoysAndrew Kerr
2012Hewson Trophy - BoysAndrew Kerr
2013Hewson Trophy - BoysAndrew Kerr
2014Hewson Trophy - BoysAndrew Kerr
2015Hewson Trophy - BoysAndrew Kerr
1963Hewson Trophy - GirlsAdrienne Hewson
1964Hewson Trophy - GirlsAdrienne Hewson
1965Hewson Trophy - GirlsAdrienne Hewson
1966Hewson Trophy - GirlsJ. Gardner
1967Hewson Trophy - GirlsRosemary Luker
1968Hewson Trophy - GirlsRosemary Luker
1969Hewson Trophy - GirlsJ. Macphillamy
1970Hewson Trophy - GirlsRosemary Luker
1971Hewson Trophy - GirlsJenny Luker
1972Hewson Trophy - GirlsLisbeth Edmonson
1973Hewson Trophy - GirlsLisbeth Edmonson
1974Hewson Trophy - GirlsK. Saunders
1975Hewson Trophy - GirlsMiranda Thompson
1976Hewson Trophy - GirlsPeta Collins
1977Hewson Trophy - GirlsJillian Collins
1978Hewson Trophy - GirlsSally Powell
1979Hewson Trophy - GirlsMiranda Thompson
1980Hewson Trophy - GirlsSarah Collins
1981Hewson Trophy - GirlsLouise Bygrave
1983Hewson Trophy - GirlsLouise Bygrave
1984Hewson Trophy - GirlsLouise Bygrave
1985Hewson Trophy - GirlsLouise Bygrave
1986Hewson Trophy - GirlsLouise Bygrave
1987Hewson Trophy - GirlsFiona Watson
1988Hewson Trophy - GirlsHelen Tilley
1989Hewson Trophy - GirlsT. Maybury
1990Hewson Trophy - GirlsL. Peterson
1991Hewson Trophy - GirlsP. Taylor
1994Hewson Trophy - GirlsKatrina Lawrence
1995Hewson Trophy - GirlsNatalie Woolacott
1996Hewson Trophy - GirlsNatalie Woolacott
1997Hewson Trophy - GirlsEmma Wilson
1998Hewson Trophy - GirlsEmma Wilson
1999Hewson Trophy - GirlsEmily Frain
2000Hewson Trophy - GirlsEmily Frain
2001Hewson Trophy - GirlsEmma Wilson
2002Hewson Trophy - GirlsEmily Frain
2003Hewson Trophy - GirlsLaura Peel
2004Hewson Trophy - GirlsLaura Peel
2005Hewson Trophy - GirlsShauna Rigby
2006Hewson Trophy - GirlsShauna Rigby
2007Hewson Trophy - GirlsShauna Rigby
2008Hewson Trophy - GirlsShauna Rigby
2009Hewson Trophy - GirlsShauna Rigby
2010Hewson Trophy - GirlsBrigette Boast
2011Hewson Trophy - GirlsKatya Murphy
2012Hewson Trophy - GirlsLauren Wilson-Bygrave
2013Hewson Trophy - GirlsCaitlin Wilson-Bygrave
2014Hewson Trophy - GirlsLauren Wilson-Bygrave
2015Hewson Trophy - GirlsCaitlin Wilson-Bygrave
1972Peter Wilson Memorial TrophyRon Brent & David Elvin
1973Peter Wilson Memorial TrophyDavid Pitchford
1974Peter Wilson Memorial TrophyPeter Gorman
1975Peter Wilson Memorial TrophyTim Edmonson
1976Peter Wilson Memorial TrophyA. Powell
1977Peter Wilson Memorial TrophyL. Bygrave
1978Peter Wilson Memorial TrophyA. Pitchford
1979Peter Wilson Memorial TrophyStephen Bygrave
1980Peter Wilson Memorial TrophyRohan Pitchford
1981Peter Wilson Memorial TrophySimon Tilley
1983Peter Wilson Memorial TrophyR. Bray
1984Peter Wilson Memorial TrophyLouise Bygrave
1985Peter Wilson Memorial TrophyMichael Finlayson
1986Peter Wilson Memorial TrophyHelen Tilley
1987Peter Wilson Memorial TrophyTim Greville
1988Peter Wilson Memorial TrophyPiers Greville
1989Peter Wilson Memorial TrophyAndrew Cain
1990Peter Wilson Memorial TrophyS. Lamont
1991Peter Wilson Memorial TrophyDavid Cain
1992Peter Wilson Memorial TrophyDavid Greber
1994Peter Wilson Memorial TrophyKatrina Lawrence
1995Peter Wilson Memorial TrophyJim Miles
1996Peter Wilson Memorial TrophyKatie Calder
1997Peter Wilson Memorial TrophyScott Cunningham
1998Peter Wilson Memorial TrophyAndrew Frain
1999Peter Wilson Memorial TrophyEmma Wilson
2000Peter Wilson Memorial TrophyEmily Frain
2001Peter Wilson Memorial TrophyStephen Peel
2002Peter Wilson Memorial TrophyNick Beresford-Wylie
2003Peter Wilson Memorial TrophyLee Bottom
2004Peter Wilson Memorial TrophyLaura Peel
2005Peter Wilson Memorial TrophyTim McIntyre
2006Peter Wilson Memorial TrophyClaire Boast
2007Peter Wilson Memorial TrophyAriel Ivanovici
2008Peter Wilson Memorial TrophyShauna Rigby
2009Peter Wilson Memorial TrophyDamien Russet
2010Peter Wilson Memorial TrophyBrigette Boast
2011Peter Wilson Memorial TrophyDimity Crowe
2012Peter Wilson Memorial TrophyBridgette Cunningham
2013Peter Wilson Memorial TrophyLara Agnew
2014Peter Wilson Memorial TrophyElizabeth Hodgman
2015Peter Wilson Memorial TrophyWill Crowe
1960Lane-Poole TrophyKeith Storey
1961Lane-Poole TrophyD. Hourigan
1962Lane-Poole TrophyK. Erett
1963Lane-Poole TrophyGeorge Haynod
1964Lane-Poole TrophyHal Dalheim
1965Lane-Poole TrophyStan Goodhew
1966Lane-Poole TrophyKlaus Schiller
1967Lane-Poole TrophyR. Edwards
1968Lane-Poole TrophyMike Brent
1969Lane-Poole TrophyJames Dick
1970Lane-Poole TrophyLyn Chaffer
1971Lane-Poole TrophyBetty Pearson
1972Lane-Poole TrophyMichael Edmondson
1973Lane-Poole TrophyJohn Tilley
1974Lane-Poole TrophyPeter Brent
1975Lane-Poole TrophyDavid Elvin
1976Lane-Poole TrophyRon Brent
1977Lane-Poole TrophyDavid Pitchford
1978Lane-Poole TrophyRichard Thompson
1979Lane-Poole TrophyJohn Pitchford
1981Lane-Poole TrophyLyndall Langman
1984Lane-Poole TrophyStephen Bygrave
1985Lane-Poole TrophySimon Tilley
1986Lane-Poole TrophyRohan Pitchford
1987Lane-Poole TrophyTony Maybury
1988Lane-Poole TrophyJudy Tilley
1989Lane-Poole TrophyMichael East
1990Lane-Poole TrophyRachel Storey
1991Lane-Poole TrophyTim Greville
1992Lane-Poole TrophyKathy Saw
1994Lane-Poole TrophyJohn Tilley
1995Lane-Poole TrophyIan McLeod
1996Lane-Poole TrophySally Moten
1997Lane-Poole TrophyAlan Bagnall
1998Lane-Poole TrophyAdam Boling
1999Lane-Poole TrophyAnthony Greville & Sandra Greville
2000Lane-Poole TrophyMark Mylek
2001Lane-Poole TrophyTeresa Harrington
2002Lane-Poole TrophyBruce Lowe
2003Lane-Poole TrophyAmanda East
2004Lane-Poole TrophyJenny Mcleod
2005Lane-Poole TrophyLindy Down
2006Lane-Poole TrophyPeter Cunningham
2007Lane-Poole TrophyLynette Johns-Boast
2008Lane-Poole TrophyLinda Rigby
2009Lane-Poole TrophyKatie Calder
2010Lane-Poole TrophyBen Sim
2011Lane-Poole TrophyLee Bygrave
2012Lane-Poole TrophyAndrew Frain
2013Lane-Poole TrophyJane Halton
2014Lane-Poole TrophyLouise Hodgman
2015Lane-Poole TrophyKristen Guseli
1998Outstanding Contribution TrophyStella McLaughlin
1999Outstanding Contribution TrophySam DeLorenzo
2000Outstanding Contribution TrophyRoss Smith
2001Outstanding Contribution TrophyAmanda East
2002Outstanding Contribution TrophyJill & Ken French
2003Outstanding Contribution TrophyMartine Russet
2004Outstanding Contribution TrophyIan McLeod
2005Outstanding Contribution TrophyPeter & Rhonda Cunningham
2006Outstanding Contribution TrophyJohn Tilley
2007Outstanding Contribution TrophyJudy Lejins
2008Outstanding Contribution TrophyKerri Pinkerton
2009Outstanding Contribution TrophyBruce Bray
2010Outstanding Contribution TrophyAdele Holland
2011Outstanding Contribution TrophyBen and Willi Tyhouse
2012Outstanding Contribution TrophyPeter Richards
2013Outstanding Contribution TrophyJindabyne Group (Peter Cunningham, Mark King, Sam DeLorenzo, Conor McNamara)
2014Outstanding Contribution TrophyFurnishings group (Rhonda Cunningham, Teresa Harrington, Lynette Johns-Boast, Deborah Oswald, Femke Rensen)
2015Outstanding Contribution TrophyMark King
1998Work Party TrophyJane Halton
1999Work Party TrophyPeter Cunningham
2000Work Party TrophyBruce Lowe
2001Work Party TrophyIan Mutton
2002Work Party TrophyStan Goodhew
2003Work Party TrophyLindy & Leon Down
2004Work Party TrophyLyndall & Hal Hatch
2005Work Party TrophyAndrew McIntyre
2006Work Party TrophyIan McLeod
2007Work Party TrophyGeoff Banbury
2008Work Party TrophyAmanda East
2009Work Party TrophyTren Burfield
2010Work Party TrophyDoug Boast
2011Work Party TrophyThe Core Family
1997Ingram CupClair Southgate
1998Ingram CupTrea McNamara
1999Ingram CupTrea McNamara
2000Ingram CupHarley McNamara
1998U-Need-A-Plumber CupGeorgia Wilson
1999U-Need-A-Plumber CupStephen Peel
2000U-Need-A-Plumber CupRichard Sanders
2001U-Need-A-Plumber CupLee Bottom
2002U-Need-A-Plumber CupWill Comensoli
2003U-Need-A-Plumber CupCraig Bottom
2004U-Need-A-Plumber CupShauna Rigby
2005U-Need-A-Plumber CupGeorgia Henry
2006U-Need-A-Plumber CupBethany Kenyon
2007U-Need-A-Plumber CupKate Dugdale
2008U-Need-A-Plumber CupOtto Davies
2009U-Need-A-Plumber CupAlice Kenyon
2010U-Need-A-Plumber CupLucy Trewartha
2011U-Need-A-Plumber CupRohan Gupta
2012U-Need-A-Plumber CupAlexandra Crowe
2013U-Need-A-Plumber CupDaanja Rensen
2014U-Need-A-Plumber CupSarah Brake
2015U-Need-A-Plumber CupJennifer Kerr
2000Adam Boling Youth AwardRichard Sanders
2001Adam Boling Youth AwardChris Seccombe
2002Adam Boling Youth AwardKatie Down
2003Adam Boling Youth AwardKatie Calder
2004Adam Boling Youth AwardNick Beresford-Wylie
2005Adam Boling Youth AwardBen Sim
2006Adam Boling Youth AwardAndrew Frain
2007Adam Boling Youth AwardSally Cunningham
2008Adam Boling Youth AwardEmily Frain
2009Adam Boling Youth AwardStephen Peel
2010Adam Boling Youth AwardMorgan Sutton
2011Adam Boling Youth AwardLaura Peel
2012Adam Boling Youth AwardDamien Russet
2013Adam Boling Youth AwardKieran Kelly
2014Adam Boling Youth AwardShauna Rigby
2015Adam Boling Youth AwardAnnabelle Ledger
2007Ladies Jump TrophyJenny McLeod
2008Ladies Jump TrophyEmily Frain
2009Ladies Jump TrophyEmily Frain
2010Ladies Jump TrophyEmily Frain
2011Ladies Jump TrophyEmily Frain
2012Ladies Jump TrophyEmily Frain
2013Ladies Jump TrophyLauren Wilson-Bygrave
2014Ladies Jump TrophyLauren Wilson-Bygrave
2012Snowboard Junior Champion (Boys)Valentino Guseli
2013Snowboard Junior Champion (Boys)Valentino Guseli
2014Snowboard Junior Champion (Boys)Jet Lange
2015Snowboard Junior Champion (Boys)Valentino Guseli
2013Snowboard Junior Champion (Girls)Ali Guseli
2014Snowboard Junior Champion (Girls)Olivia Beatty
2015Snowboard Junior Champion (Girls)Ali Guseli