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Race results of Club races, links to other results e.g KAC, Balmain.


Brumby Races – Upper Rollercoaster – July 20, 2019


Balmain Cup 2018 – Full results
Alpine/Snowboard Championships – Mother In Law – August 12, 2018
KAC 2018 – August 8, 2018 – KAC page with links to full results
Brumby Races – Upper Rollercoaster – July 28, 2018


Alpine/Snowboard Championships – Upper Rollercoaster – August 13, 2017
XC Championships – Perisher to Charlotte Pass – August 9, 2017
Brumby Races – Upper Rollercoaster – July 22, 2017
President’s Cup – dual GS knockout – Upper Rollercoaster – July 22, 2017


Club Alpine/Snowboard Championships – ACT Citizens’ Race¬†– August 14, 2016
Club XC Championships РKAC Classic  РAugust 10, 2016

Brumby Races 2019 - Raw times

Brumby Races 2019 - held on Upper Rollercoaster on July 20, 2019.
Timed runs - one on the red course, one on the blue.
NumberNameTime RedTime Bluetotal
179Stephen Bygrave14.0314.1528.18
194Will Brake14.1214.3328.45
161Lachlan Herring14.5214.7329.25
191Sarah Brake14.6315.3830.01
163Mitch Riepon15.1716.0131.18
190James Hansen15.4815.7431.22
184Paul Kelly15.1216.1531.27
177Simon Tilley15.6216.2331.85
164Dougal Cameron15.7316.332.03
165Will Herring16.5416.9533.49
192Lachlan Kelly16.6417.1433.78
187Hamish Cameron16.717.1133.81
171Livvy Moore16.9316.9133.84
185Jason Moore17.1816.8934.07
186Yvette Lejins16.717.4334.13
160Alice Cameron17.2317.1434.37
162Dominic Kelly16.8817.6134.49
175Amanda East17.1917.334.49
181Darren Riepon17.1317.8434.97
176James Gibson17.217.8635.06
189Andrew Herring17.4717.6935.16
183Jenny McLeod17.4417.8435.28
170Sabina Wilson17.9818.8336.81
168Bailey Purvis-Smith18.218.837
195Emmet Lamb18.3719.8138.18
178Richard Hinchcliffe17.820.4538.25
182Roger Brake19.119.4338.53
173Lexi Moore19.5419.4639
166Mirabel Wilson19.5119.6939.2
196Jonathan Wilson19.6321.0540.68
180Caroline Walker20.4921.2341.72
197David Smith20.6421.2441.88
188Colleen Turner20.321.7942.09
167Rebecca Tilley23.423.5746.97
193Stella Hinchcliffe25.5523.749.25
174Judy Lejins52.8458.67111.51
169Eliza Kelly18.54DNF

Brumby Cup 2019 - Random Draw

The Brumby Cup is determined by a random draw, pairing up women and men. The pair with the fastest combined time is the winner of the Brumby Cup.
MenTimeWomenTimeCombined Time
Will Brake28.450Sarah Brake30.01058.460
Stephen Bygrave28.180Jenny McLeod35.28063.460
Lachlan Herring29.250Jenny McLeod35.28064.530
Mitch Riepon31.180Livvy Moore33.84065.020
James Hansen31.220Alice Cameron34.37065.590
Hamish Cameron33.810Yvette Lejins34.13067.940
Will Herring33.490Amanda East34.49067.980
Paul Kelly31.270Sabina Wilson36.81068.080
Darren Riepon34.970Livvy Moore33.84068.810
Dominic Kelly34.490Alice Cameron34.37068.860
James Gibson35.060Yvette Lejins34.13069.190
Dougal Cameron32.030Lexi Moore39.00071.030
Jason Moore34.070Mirabel Wilson39.20073.270
Emmet Lamb38.180Sabina Wilson36.81074.990
Lachlan Kelly33.780Colleen Turner42.09075.870
Andrew Herring35.160Caroline Walker41.72076.880
Roger Brake38.530Lexi Moore39.00077.530
Jonathan Wilson40.680Mirabel Wilson39.20079.880
Bailey Purvis-Smith37.000Rebecca Tilley46.97083.970
Simon Tilley31.850Judy Lejins111.510143.360

Brumby Races 2019 - Parent/Child

Brumby Races 2019 - Parent/Child combinations
ChildTimeParentTimeCombined Time
Lachlan Herring29.250Andrew Herring35.1664.41
Lachlan Kelly33.780Paul Kelly31.2765.05
Dominic Kelly34.490Paul Kelly31.2765.76
Mitch Riepon31.180Darren Riepon34.9766.15
Will Brake28.450Roger Brake38.5366.98
Livvy Moore33.840Jason Moore34.0767.91
Alice Cameron34.370Hamish Cameron33.8168.18
Sarah Brake30.010Roger Brake38.5368.54
Will Herring33.490Andrew Herring35.1668.65
Will Brake28.450Caroline Walker41.7270.17
Sarah Brake30.010Caroline Walker41.7271.73
Lexi Moore39.000Jason Moore34.0773.07
Livvy Moore33.840Colleen Turner42.0975.93
Sabina Wilson36.810Jonathan Wilson40.6877.49
Rebecca Tilley46.970Simon Tilley31.8578.82
Mirabel Wilson39.200Jonathan Wilson40.6879.88
Lexi Moore39.000Colleen Turner42.0981.09
Yvette Lejins34.130Judy Lejins111.51145.64

Alpine/Snowboard Championships 2018

Held on Mother-in-Law in conjunction with the ACT Citizens Race on Sunday 12 August, 2018, with the course re-set for snowboarders after the skiers had finished. Due to snow conditions, only a single run was held.
Results below are for CAC members - full results are at the link below the table.
Will Brake27.40Ski
James Hansen31.87Ski
Amanda East34.37Ski
Danielle Jolly36.04Ski
Jenny McLeod36.35Ski
Ali Guseli37.52SB
Kristen Guseli39.59SB

ACT Citizens Race 2018 – Full Snowboard GS Results
ACT Citizens Race 2018 – Full Alpine GS Results

Brumby Races 2018 - Timed runs

Brumby races, held Saturday 28 July 2018.
Timed runs - one on the Blue course, one on the Red course.
NameBibTime 1Time 2TotalDiscipline
Steve Bygrave19916.6916.7533.44Ski
James Hansen19417.2617.4834.74Ski
Lachlan Herring19118.2218.0936.31Ski
Will Herring19218.5819.3137.89Ski
Peter Veenstra19819.0419.2638.30Ski
Jason Moore19519.1319.4238.55Ski
Andrew Herring19720.0920.1840.27Ski
James Gibson19320.3720.1140.48Ski
Jenny McLeod18720.0721.1541.22Ski
Colleen Turner18521.2621.7142.97Ski
Liv Moore18121.9522.2444.19Ski
Ali Guseli19022.8823.0145.89SB
Leon Down19623.3422.8046.14Ski
Lindy Down18424.5724.0748.64Ski
Kristen Guseli18924.4524.6049.05SB
Lexi Moore18025.7725.9551.72Ski
Mel Randall18626.2626.0552.31Ski
Kathryn Wingett18829.3029.0458.34Ski

Brumby Cup - random draw

Brumby Cup - random draw of guys and gals
Steve Bygrave33.44Jenny McLeod41.2274.66
James Hansen34.74Ali Guseli45.8980.63
James Gibson40.48Liv Moore44.1984.67
Peter Veenstra38.30Lindy Down48.6486.94
Leon Down46.14Colleen Turner42.9789.11
Andrew Herring40.27Kristen Guseli49.0589.32
Will Herring37.89Lexi Moore51.7289.61
Jason Moore38.55Mel Randall52.3190.86
Lachlan Herring36.31Kathryn Wingett58.3494.65

Brumby Cup - parent/child

Brumby Cup - parent/child combinations
Andrew Herring40.27Lachlan Herring36.3176.58
Andrew Herring40.27Will Herring37.8978.16
Jason Moore38.55Liv Moore44.1982.74
Colleen Turner42.97Liv Moore44.1987.16
Jason Moore38.55Lexi Moore51.7290.27
Colleen Turner42.97Lexi Moore51.7294.69
Kristen Guseli49.05Ali Guseli45.8994.94

CAC Alpine Championships 2017

CAC Alpine Championships - help in conjunction with the ACT Citizens Race,13 August 2017
CAC member/waiter results only - for full results, see link below
DisciplineBibNameRun 1Run 2Time
Ski34Andrew Kerr21.1321.642.73
Ski35Jennifer Kerr22.0522.3744.42
Ski29Sarah Brake23.1122.5145.62
Ski32James Hansen23.3223.2746.59
Ski41Jake Veenstra24.8923.6148.5
Ski42Peter Veenstra24.2724.9649.23
Snowboard122Scott Lamb26.5626.4252.98
Ski38Jenny McLeod26.8226.553.32
Ski30Paul Dugdale27.9627.0955.05
Ski33Danielle Jolly27.5527.5555.1
Ski36Erica Lejins27.8128.256.01
Snowboard121Emmet Lamb30.4630.6261.08
Ski31Amanda East36.827.6364.43
Ski40Frances Sanders44.2351.2295.45
Ski37Judy Lejins72.8482.85155.69

ACT Citizens Race 2017 – Full Results

XC Championships 2017

CAC XC Championships - held in conjunction with the KAC Classic, Wednesday 9 August 2017
CAC member/waiter results only - for full results, see link below
Place overallPlace in classNameTime
173Tim Greville0:31:21.00
483Scott Cunningham0:39:56.23
794Jenny McLeod0:47:57.24
1232Rhonda Cunningham1:03:21.66
1434Louise Rose1:11:40.09

KAC 2017 – Full Results

Brumby Cup 2017 - Timed Runs

Timed runs for Brumby Cup - held Upper Rollercoaster, 22/7/17
Asterisk indicates a non-member
NumberNameTime RedTime BlueTotal TimeGenderDiscipline
76Nick Beresford-Wylie16.416.2532.65MSKI
69Sarah Forsdyke *17.8917.5835.47FSKI
75James Hansen17.5618.3835.94MSKI
63Amanda East20.0418.8138.85FSKI
71Tony Bolt19.6219.3839MSKI
65Jenny McLeod19.420.2139.61FSKI
77Edward Green19.8720.2740.14MSKI
73Steve Smith20.6319.9440.57MSKI
68Danielle Jolly20.4821.1341.61FSKI
79Scott Lamb *23.0622.1145.17MSB
62Lindy Down23.3522.9546.3FSKI
64Monika Binder23.5723.8547.42FSKI
81Alec Bell23.2724.4947.76MSB
80Emmet Lamb *24.3724.0548.42MSB
74Allister Polkinghorne22.3328.2450.57MSKI
72Adrian Beresford-Wylie25.4925.751.19MSKI
66Kathryn Wingett28.2626.7254.98FSKI
61Judy Lejins38.8239.8878.7FSKI
82Magnus Bell41.0439.1780.21MSB

Brumby Cup - Random Draw

Brumby Cup - random draw of guys and gals
Name 1Time 1Name 2Time 2Combined Time
James Hansen35.94Jenny McLeod39.6175.55
Edward Green40.14Danielle Jolly41.6181.75
Tony Bolt39Monika Binder47.4286.42
Steve Smith40.57Monika Binder47.4287.99
Adrian Beresford-Wylie51.19Amanda East38.8590.04
Allister Polkinghorne50.57Kathryn Wingett54.98105.55
Nick Beresford-Wylie32.65Judy Lejins78.7111.35
Alec Bell47.76Judy Lejins78.7126.46
Magnus Bell80.21Lindy Down46.3126.51

Brumby Cup - Parent/Child

Parent Child combinations - from Brumby Cup timed runs
Upper Rollercoaster, Saturday 22/7/17
ParentParent TimeChildChild TimeCombined Time
Adrian Beresford-Wylie51.19Nick Beresford-Wylie32.6583.84
Monika Binder47.42Edward Green40.1487.56
Scott Lamb * (SB)45.17Emmet Lamb * (SB)48.4293.59

President's Cup 2017

President's Cup - knockout race. Held Upper Rollercoaster, Saturday 22/7/17
Round 1Semi-finalFinalWinner
Scott Lamb *
Magnus BellScott Lamb *Scott Lamb
(Note: As Scott is a non-member - Alec is the winning member)
Alec BellAlec Bell
Emmet Lamb *
Ladies ski
Sarah Forsdyke *
(As a non-member, Sarah did not progress beyond first round)
Judy Lejins
Judy Lejins
Danielle Jolly
Danielle Jolly
Lindy DownDanielle Jolly
Jenny McLeodJenny McLeodJenny McLeod
Monnika Binder
Jenny McLeod
Amanda East
Amanda East
Kathryn Wingett
Mens Ski
Edward Green
Steve Smith
Edward Green
Nick Beresford-Wylie
Scott LambNick Beresford-WylieNick Beresford-Wylie
Allister PolkinghorneJames Hansen
Allister Polkinghorne
James Hansen
James Hansen
Adrian Beresford-Wylie

2016 CAC Alpine/Snowboard Championships

2016 CAC Alpine/Snowboard Championships - held in conjunction with the ACT Citizens Race. CAC results only.
NameBibRun 1Run 2TotalSki/Board
Andrew Kerr4724.5124.348.81Ski
Sarah Brake5326.1625.9852.14Ski
Tom Kenyon6126.926.1853.08Ski
Elizabeth Hodgman4527.7626.253.96Ski
Jake Veenstra5528.2127.8456.05Ski
Chris Egan6229.5228.7658.28Ski
Kieran Savery5629.2929.2558.54Ski
Peter Veenstra5430.2928.7159.00Ski
Jenny McLeod 4930.4729.9960.46Ski
Erica Lejins4630.9830.9661.94Ski
Linda Wells5131.3831.5962.97Ski
Angela Beatty5031.7231.9763.69Ski
Sabina Wilson6032.7332.5365.26Ski
Paul Dugdale5232.7132.8665.57Ski
Mandy Savery5833.6932.0565.74Ski
Neve Savery5733.2733.8867.15Ski
Jon Wilson12332.3935.9868.37Board
Mirabel Wilson5934.6634.8869.54Ski
Alec Bell12135.2134.9870.19Board
Olivia Beatty12235.4535.8971.34Board

CAC XC Championships 2016 (KAC)

CAC racers - KAC Classic 2016
NameStyleTimeOverall place
Tim Greville FS0:33:206
Jenny McLeodFS1:03:1481
Margaret MahoneyCL1:10:0791

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