How To Book

Booking requests can now be submitted online using the Booking System.

The online booking request replaces the paper booking request form previously provided in Frozen Acres. An online booking request is completed in four steps.

Step 1 – Lodge, First Night, Last Night, Number of Beds:
Enter the details of the booking by clicking in the cells of the Demand Grid (as shown above), or select the Lodge and enter the remaining information in the fields provided.

Step 2 – Guest Details, Number of Rooms:
Note: In the Online System, the term “guest” is a generic term for everyone staying as part of the booking, including members. For members, type the first few letters of their surname and then select the
matching name from the list displayed (this will populate the member’s details). For non-members, type in their name (without making a selection from the list), and then choose the relevant Guest Type (i.e. Adult, Junior, Preschool). For non-members under 17, please enter Gender and Age. Enter the Number of Rooms needed. Note: Room requests are not guaranteed, and are subject to the bunk list allocation defined by the Admin Officer.

Step 3 – Contact Details, Comments:
Review and update the contact details for the booking. If the member details should be updated permanently with the new information, select the checkbox. Update your member details with this information. Enter any comments for the Admin Officer. This can be any additional information that will assist the Admin Officer in processing the booking and allocating it to the bunk list. For example, required bedding configurations, or sharing arrangements.

Step 4 – Waitlist / Payment:
If a booking request can be approved immediately, the member will be
prompted for payment to confirm the booking. The booking will then have the status CONFIRMED. If a booking request needs to be reviewed by the Admin Officer, it will be assigned a status of WAITLIST. This can occur even when the lodge is not full, as the available capacity may depend on the mix of bookings already received. It can also occur when our booking rules need to be manually checked by the Admin Officer.
The Admin Officer regularly reviews WAITLIST booking requests. When they can be approved the Admin Officer changes the status to TENTATIVE and triggers an email notification to inform a member that payment is required to confirm the booking. As per the Club bylaws, a booking is not CONFIRMED until all accommodation charges are paid in full. Payment may be made online by Mastercard or Visa. An email will be sent confirming the booking once payment is received. Please note that if payment is not made promptly, a TENTATIVE booking may be returned to WAITLIST status, indicating that the beds are no longer available. This situation may occur if other bookings (and related payments) are received in the interim.

If there are any issues with entering an online booking request, please email