Perisher Basement Redevelopment (Updated 22 August)

Draft plans have now been prepared showing possible layout options for the refurbished basement at the Perisher lodge.

Draft Layout 1 (added 21 June 2022)

Draft Layout 2 (added 21 June 2022)

Draft Layout 3 (added 4 July 2022)

Draft Layout 4A (added 7 August 2022)

Draft Layout 4B (added 7 August 2022)

Draft Layout 5A (added 22 August 2022)

Draft Layout 5B (added 22 August 2022)

These plans are also on display in both lodges. Feedback from members on the plans can be provided to or in person to members of the Capital Works sub-committee (Peter Cunningham, Amanda East, Chrissie Young, Lexie Phillips, Alan Booth and Caroline Walker).

The Capital Works sub-committee will also organise in person / virtual meetings to provide members with an opportunity to provide feedback – further details will be provided shortly.

We have a target date of end August 2022 for finalising the design. A tender process to select builders will follow the finalisation of the design with a view to commencing construction in October 2023.