Draft Covid-19 Management Plan

The Committee has prepared a draft COVID-19 Management Plan to prepare the Club for when we’re able to re-open the lodges. The Plan continues to be regularly reviewed and revised as restrictions and conditions change. Our work, health and safety risks have changed and therefore it is essential for the Club to have a clear plan to adapt our lodge operations in compliance with Government regulations. This Plan is intended to allow the Club to get things up and running, and to keep our lodges healthy, safe and virus-free.

In order to open our lodges, and for them to remain open, the Club will rely on a number of key things to happen.  It is vital that everyone staying at a lodge will:

·       Maintain strict hygiene and cleaning practices

·       Stay physically distant (4m2, 1.5m apart)

·       Respond to a COVID-19 infection and cooperate with the State Health Authorities, Party Leaders / Lodge Manager to follow guidance swiftly

For the Club to comply with government regulations, adjustments to each of our lodges’ capacity may be necessary.  The COVID-19 Management Plan contemplates a 50% reduction in capacity in each lodge, however this will continue to be reviewed as government regulations and guidelines are updated.  The Committee will be communicating separately to canvass members’ intentions on current and future bookings.

All members are encouraged to read the COVID-19 Management Plan and we welcome any feedback, questions or comments to president@cac.org.au.