Perisher Basement Redevelopment

Draft plans have now been prepared showing possible layout options for the refurbished basement at the Perisher lodge.

Draft Layout 1

Draft Layout 2

These plans are also on display in both lodges. Feedback from members on the plans can be provided to or in person to members of the Capital Works sub-committee (Peter Cunningham, Amanda East, Chrissie Young, Lexie Phillips, Alan Booth and Caroline Walker).

The Capital Works sub-committee will also organise in person / virtual meetings in July / August to provide members with an opportunity to provide feedback – further details will be provided shortly.

We have a target date of end August 2022 for finalising the design. A tender process to select builders will follow the finalisation of the design with a view to commencing construction in October 2023.

COVID-19 UPDATE (20 JUN 2022)

Version 3.3 of the COVID-19 Management Plan is now available on the COVID-19 Essential Information page.

This version is a significant update, in preparation for the 2022 Winter Season, and to align with the current health guidelines and Committee decisions.

Members should note the following key changes:

  • Reminder to bring face masks and testing kits, in case these are required following a positive case.
  • Guests are no longer required to leave the Jindabyne Lodge during commercial cleaning.
  • The Party Leader may request guests assist with cleaning.
  • Guests are required to notify the Lodge Manager, Party Leader or Administration Officer, if they test positive to COVID-19 while staying at a Club lodge.
  • Guests are also required to notify other guests who they have spent time with in the 2 days before they started experiencing symptoms and/or tested positive.
  • The Lodge Manager, Party Leader or Administration Officer should advise other guests that there has been a positive case in the lodge.
  • The Lodge Manager, Party Leader or Administration Officer should only identify a positive case where it is relevant.
  • The Lodge Manager, Party Leader or Administration Officer should not identify a positive case if the positive case has asked not to be identified, noting that the positive case may still have an obligation to notify other guests.
  • The Risk Matrix has been removed from the Plan. Guests should continue to follow the NSW Health guidelines and associated risk assessments, links to which are provided in the Plan.
  • Contact details for President, Vice-President and Admin Officer have been updated

If you have any feedback on the Plan, please email