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Laura Peel Wins Freestyle Aerials Crystal Globe

Laura Peel, a member of the CAC since she was a little girl, has recently won the Freestyle Aerials Crystal Globe. Congratulations to Laura for her great achievement!

For more information, please see the recent Canberra Times article at the following link:

2017 Club Championships

Club Championships in XC, Alpine and Snowboard were held recently.

The XC Championships were held as part of the KAC Classic, from Perisher to Charlotte Pass, on Wednesday 9 August 2017. Unusually for the KAC, it was a beautiful day!

The Alpine and Snowboard Championships were held as part of the ACT Citizens Race, on Sunday 13 August 2017.

Results are on the Race Results page, with links to the full results for each race.

2017 Brumby Races results

The Brumby Races were held on Saturday 22nd July, on Upper Rollercoaster at Blue Cow.  Despite forecast wind, the day turned out to be really nice for weather.

The Brumby Races are held on a dual GS course.  Each racer had two timed runs – one on the red course, and one on the blue, racing next to another racer.

The timed runs are used to determine the winners of the Brumby Cup – but not directly.  A random draw of to match up the men and women was held at the Brumby Dinner on Saturday night, and results for that are given below the timed runs.

Racers also participated in the President’s Cup – a knockout, also using the dual GS course, held after the timed runs.  The winner of each pair progressed to the next round.

Results are on the Race Results page.

Balmain Cup 2016

The slalom discipline was cancelled due to snow conditions in this year’s Balmain Cup, which had a couple of flow on effects – the Snowboard was brought forward, and not all of our original competitors could make it in time; and a decision was made that the GS discipline results would be counted twice, to allow clubs to still drop their worst discipline from the results.  This resulted in a very close competition, with the top four teams being separated by less than five points (out of a possible 300).

CAC came fourth overall, with some good individual results – Jordan Thompson third and Alia Moore 5th in the GS, and Val and Ric Guseli picking up 4th and 7th respectively in the Snowboard.


Full results are available on the Snowsports ACT website at

And the photo?  No, that’s not from the 2016 Balmain Cup – it’s from the 1957 Balmain Cup, held at Mt Franklin, and won by Cabramurra!

2016 XC/Alpine/Snowboard Championships

Various CAC Club Championships were held recently.

The XC Championships were held in conjunction  with the KAC Classic race from  Perisher to Charlotte Pass, on Wednesday August 10, in very windy conditions.  Tim Greville was the fastest CAC skier, coming in 6th overall.

CAC XC Championships 2016 (KAC)

CAC racers - KAC Classic 2016
NameStyleTimeOverall place
Tim Greville FS0:33:206
Jenny McLeodFS1:03:1481
Margaret MahoneyCL1:10:0791

Full results are at

The Alpine and Snowboard Championships were held in conjunction with the ACT Citizens Race on Sunday August 14.  Results for CAC members:

2016 CAC Alpine/Snowboard Championships

2016 CAC Alpine/Snowboard Championships - held in conjunction with the ACT Citizens Race. CAC results only.
NameBibRun 1Run 2TotalSki/Board
Andrew Kerr4724.5124.348.81Ski
Sarah Brake5326.1625.9852.14Ski
Tom Kenyon6126.926.1853.08Ski
Elizabeth Hodgman4527.7626.253.96Ski
Jake Veenstra5528.2127.8456.05Ski
Chris Egan6229.5228.7658.28Ski
Kieran Savery5629.2929.2558.54Ski
Peter Veenstra5430.2928.7159.00Ski
Jenny McLeod 4930.4729.9960.46Ski
Erica Lejins4630.9830.9661.94Ski
Linda Wells5131.3831.5962.97Ski
Angela Beatty5031.7231.9763.69Ski
Sabina Wilson6032.7332.5365.26Ski
Paul Dugdale5232.7132.8665.57Ski
Mandy Savery5833.6932.0565.74Ski
Neve Savery5733.2733.8867.15Ski
Jon Wilson12332.3935.9868.37Board
Mirabel Wilson5934.6634.8869.54Ski
Alec Bell12135.2134.9870.19Board
Olivia Beatty12235.4535.8971.34Board

Full results are at

Results ACT Citizens Race 2016


Balmain Cup 2015

I’ll start with the good news – Matt Thomas came 2nd and Valentino Guseli 4th in the snowboard (CAC was 2nd in the snowboard overall), Jordan Thompson came 2nd in the GS, Shaun Kenny 3rd in the slalom. However 4 dq’s in the first run of the slalom knocked that discipline out of contention, and while we came 3rd (a whisker away from 2nd) in the XC, Cooma completely dominated with six of the first seven finishers (Tim Greville being the one to spoil their party by finishing fifth, after spending the day running the Paddy Pallin Juniors); Cooma was so far ahead in the XC that 2nd placegetters (Brindabella) only got 68.5 points (we got 68.02).
So – rooster to feather duster – overall we came fifth (less than a point behind Tate). A bit more practice and luck in the slalom (and nobbling Cooma in the XC?) and we’ll be back up there…
Congratulations to Cooma, who won the snowboard as well as XC, and took home the Balmain Cup this year.
And of course congratulations to all our competitors, who actually performed significantly better than the overall result would suggest.

For the full results, see the race results page, or get them directly from the Snowsports ACT site.

Brumby Races – all results – August 9, 2015

The Brumby Races were held on Upper Rollercoaster, on a dual GS course as usual.
The races consist of two timed runs for each competitor, one on the red course and one on the blue course, with plenty of competitive spirit between racers on the two courses. There is also a knockout series, where pairs race each other, and winners of each pair get to race again until the final men’s and ladies winners are established.
The timed runs determine the Brumby Cup winners – but it’s not as simple as being the fastest. Names are drawn randomly to get pairs of men/women, and the pair with the lowest total time wins the trophy. In 2015, because the race was rescheduled, the draw for the Brumby Cup will be held at the Club Dinner on August 15.
The knockout determines the winners of the President’s Cup (men’s and ladies).

Results for the timed runs have been posted on the Race Results page.
Update 17/8 – The results of the President’s Cup (men and women) have now been added to the page, as have the results of the random draw for the Brumby Cup.

Club Alpine/Snowboard Championship results

Due to snow conditions, the Club Championships were run on Front Valley instead of Mother-In-Law – while the course was generally considered fairly straight-forward, this seemed to encourage racers to go for broke and there was the occasional stack.

Congratulations to our Champions!

Open Men’s Alpine – Tom Kenyon

Open Women’s Alpine – Lauren Wilson-Bygrave

Open Men’s Snowboard – Valentino Guseli

Open Women’s Snowboard – Nina Lange

Junior Boys’ Alpine – Andrew Kerr

Junior Girls’ Alpine – Caitlin Wilson-Bygrave

Junior Boys’ Snowboard – Valentino Guseli

Junior Girls’ Snowboard – Ali Guseli

Full results are on the race results page